Valentine’s Day

★1.The world’s first love day

Relevant historical data show that the world’s oldest Valentine’s Day began in France in the early 15th century. A young man was then arrested during a fire court battle. He was sent to jail. He missed his wife very much. He expressed his love and affection to his wife through letters.

About 200 years later, the rose became a symbol of Valentine’s Day. At a ceremony hosted by the daughter of Henry IV of the French dynasty, all men began giving roses to women. Thus the idea of ​​Valentine’s Day gradually spread from Italy, France, Britain all over the world. However, this day is not only a day for exchanging or expressing love between lovers, but also a day for expressing all kinds of love in the world. Children express their love to their parents on this day, and their friends express their love for each other.

On this day chocolates, fruits, heart-shaped sweet gifts are usually exchanged between people. Gifts can express love, big or small.

★2.That’s how Valentine’s Day came about

The idea is to start celebrating Valentine’s Day. From the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14 was a holy day in honor of the Roman goddess Juno. Following the day, a special feast of the Lupercalia festival was celebrated the next day, February 15. At that time the way of life of the youth was completely different. But for young people, there was a different kind of practice called ‘attraction’, ‘lottery’. On the evening of the Lupercalia festival, the names of the young women were written on a piece of paper and deposited in a container. From there one by one the young men would pick up a piece of paper and the young woman whose name was written on it would be her companion till the time of the festival. Sometimes the pair would last for a whole year. During the reign of Emperor Claudius, Rome became embroiled in a series of bloody wars against the people. Violent Claudius was having a hard time not having a large number of soldiers in his army at that time. He blamed the Roman men for not leaving their families and love and going to war. As a result, Claudius imposed a ban on all forms of marriage throughout Rome. St. Valentine was a priest in Rome at the time. He and St. Marius secretly married young Christian women and supported married couples. For this reason, a Roman magistrate arrested and imprisoned him. While Valentine was in captivity, many young people would visit him and express their love and gratitude through notes and flowers written for him through prison windows. He would shake her hand and tell her that they believed in love, not war. One of them was the daughter of a prison guard. The girl tells him that she loves him, respects him, disobeys Claudius, secretly marries young men, and supports him in love. On the day of Valentine’s beheading, he wrote a note to the girl about her friendship and faith in love. In it he wrote – ‘Love from your Valentine’. He was brutally killed on the same day as ordered by the judge. The day of St. Valentine’s sacrifice was February 14, 269 AD. Ancient Rome was a land steeped in the darkness of customs and superstitions. Lupercalia was one of these practices. It was held on February 15. In 496, Pope Gelasius set February 14 as the date of the Lupercalia ceremony in honor of St. Valentine’s Day, instead of February 15. It later became known as ‘Valentine’s Day’ after St. Valentine.


While Valentine was in captivity, many young people would visit him and express their love and gratitude through notes and flowers written for him through prison windows…..

★3.Something about Valentine’s Day

★★Candy is one of the oldest gifts of Valentine’s Day. Richard Cadbury introduced the first candy on Valentine’s Day in the late 1800’s.

★★Shakespeare’s Immortal Lover Romeo-Juliet Thousands of letters come to Juliet every year in Verona, the city where she lived.

★★Every year on Valentine’s Day 100 crore greetings and profit cards are bought and sold.

★★Teachers get the most cards on Valentine’s Day. Then there are the names of children, mothers, wives, loved ones, and pets. Parents get one out of every five gifts on Valentine’s Day.

★★Three percent of people give their pet as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

★★According to some, the first Valentine’s Day card was sent by Charles the Duke of Orleans to his wife in 1415 while she was detained in the Tower of London.

★4.Day of love in the country

★America: Around 1847, Valentine’s Day spread throughout America. Gift card exchange became popular in the late twentieth century. At that time cards and roses were the main gifts of Valentine. In the 1980’s, diamond companies began promoting Valentine’s Day. Since then, jewelry has been on the list of conventional gifts. Valentine’s dinner, dance party in many places in the country

★Australia: Gifts are exchanged in much the same way in Australia. However, SMS and e-mail media are widely used here. Surveys show that Australian boys are far more generous than girls when it comes to love. On this occasion also boys buy more gifts than girls.

★Britain: Unmarried girls in Britain and Italy wake up before sunrise on Valentine’s Day. They believed that the first man they would see after sunrise would be their mate within a year or so. Besides, unmarried girls used to write the name of their favorite boy on the paper. The paper was rolled into clay and thrown into the water. The girl would be married to the name paper that was supposed to be floating first.

★Japan: Girls are eager to give chocolates as gifts on Valentine’s Day. There are two types of chocolate in Japan. “Giri-choko” is bought for friends, bosses, colleagues and close boyfriends. There is no romantic involvement with such chocolates. ‘Han Mei’ chocolate is special. This chocolate exchange is between husband and wife, lover-lover. Japanese girls think that buying ‘Han Mei’ and giving it as a gift does not express love. So they make ‘Han Mei’ with their own hands and give it as a gift to their loved ones.

★5.Son Selim declared war on Emperor Akbar

Prince Selim was the son of Emperor Akbar. He fell in love with the beautiful Anarkali. Anarkali’s real name is Nadira Begum. Someone said Sharifunnesa. She was the daughter of an Iranian merchant. One day, the beautiful Anarkali set sail with her father on a merchant ship off the north coast of Africa. He was 15 then. After killing his father, the pirates kidnapped him and sold him to a slave market in Istanbul. Later, after receiving various training in entertainment, he became a member of a rich family. The rich man of the family sent him a gift to the Sultan of Turkey a few days later.

Sultan Anarkali of Turkey was sent to Emperor Akbar. In the language of the emperor, its form was red like ripe pomegranate seeds. Youth is like a blood clot. Anarkali named him in love. Prince Selim was amused at the sight of Anarkali at the first sight. Anarkali’s dark blue eyes, oval face, straight nose are like apsara. Prince Selim died in the fire of form. To get Anarkali, Selim bribed Sarah, the guardian of Emperor Akbar’s harem. When Akbar went hunting for three weeks, Sara secretly brought Anarkali to the service of Prince Selim. It later became clear that Anarkali was also in love with him.

They used to go to Abhisar. However, the meeting between them was kept secret. At the time of their romantic relationship, Anarkali was in his forties and Prince Selim was in his thirties. This stage of the son in love with a dancer reached the ears of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Emperor Akbar never accepted this relationship. Emperor Anarkali conspired in various ways to prove evil in Selim’s eyes. As soon as Selim learned of his father’s tactics, he declared war on his father. But Selim was easily defeated by the powerful Akbar forces. Akbar announced the death sentence of his child. Then Anarkali begs for Selim’s life in exchange for his own life to save the life of his beloved Selim.  Akbar captured Anarkali and took him to the harem. There, in the presence of Selim, he punished Anarkali by burying him alive so that Anarkali would die a slow death. It was later learned that at Selim’s request, his grandmother Hamida, the mother of Emperor Akbar, secretly supplied poison to Anarkali, so that she would not die in agony. Anarkali’s tomb is in Lahore, Pakistan. Selim later built a mausoleum in Lahore in memory of Anarkali. Even today it is immortal.

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