Quantum computer

The future of the computing world is quantum computer

The future of the computer we use is the quantum computer. But there are differences. Scientists say that if a simple computer is a bullock cart, then a quantum computer is the current high-speed bullet train or rocket. That means the two computers are completely different. Scientists are working tirelessly to invent a new generation of computers. The United States, China, Russia, Britain and other countries are investing a lot of money in making such super fast computers. However, it will take a few more years for this quantum computer to reach the common man.

What is a quantum computer?

It is a very powerful computer, which can work thousands of times faster than today’s computers.


This means it can process a lot of data much faster. Its algorithm, structure, everything is completely different from a normal computer. These computers can solve very complex problems in a very short time. The work that a normal computer takes one minute to do, the Quantum computer will take less than a second to do. Scientists say that the discovery of this computer will give people immense computing power.

How does it work?

Today’s computers are basically powered by Zero and One Bits. But quantum computers do not work in this same formula. Here a bit can be in both cases. That means it can be zero and at the same time it can be one.

What about privacy?

The privacy of information is protected by the common computers we use. This technology is called encryption. Encryption is a method by which the information in a message is distorted in such a way that no one else can understand its meaning. And end-to-end encryption refers to the exchange of symbolic messages from one end to the other, which is difficult to decipher with today’s common computer. But scientists say that if it takes a few years to break privacy, it could be done in a second with a Quantum computer. “Everything we do on the Internet today, such as online shopping, banking, social media communications, etc., is encrypted,” said scientist Harry Owen. These encryptions can be broken when the Quantum computer comes in handy.

Scientists say that in the future, countries with such advanced computers will be able to interfere in other countries’ state privacy and defense systems. This could lead to tensions around the world. But the good news is that the powers that be have already begun to take such action.

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