Achieve in the world of sports

Achievements of Bangladeshi players in the world of sports

Bangladesh’s biggest star in the world of sports Shakib Al Hasan. The world’s best all-rounder has taken the name of Bangladesh to the world court to a unique height. But not only Shakib, but many more Bangladeshis and Bangladeshi descent around the world are glorious in their respective fields. Those who are talented in their own qualifications in the world sports world. Among them are footballer Hamza Chowdhury, gymnast Margarita Mamun, footballer Amir Hamza, referee Ripon Biswas, boxer Ruksana and many more; Those who have shocked the sports world. Today’s discussion about some of them.

Bangladeshi descent in the English Premier League

★1. Hamza Chowdhury

In the 2015-16 season, the legend gave birth to English Premier League club Lister City. The club won the English Premier League title. Many famous football stars have made their debut for that team of English football. At that time a young man of Bangladeshi descent made his debut for the club. His name is Hamza Dewan Chowdhury. The 19-year-old midfielder’s father is Bangladeshi and his mother is Caribbean. His father’s original home is in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Hamza Dewan Chowdhury is the first player of Bangladeshi descent to wear the jersey of a club that plays at the highest level of football. Hamza made his debut in the Bajimat English League Cup match against giant club Liverpool. This young man of Bangladeshi descent has painted the joy of entering the field first. With  Hamza made his English debut in a Leicester City jersey but made his debut earlier. The debut took place in the jersey of another English club, Burton Albion. He joined Burton Albion in 2016 from Leicester City Club. The Bangladeshi-born midfielder has played for Burton Albion in English League One. For two years Burton played regularly for Albion. This time he is back in Lister City. Footballer Hamza Dewan Chowdhury was born in Leicestershire City. Study and grow up there. He had a love for football from a very young age. He has been friends with football since childhood. Following this, Hamza joined the youth team of Leicester City Football Club in 2011 at the age of 12. Ever since he set foot in the professional arena of football. The Bangladeshi-born midfielder has been playing for Leicester City since his debut seven years ago.

Olympic-winning Bengal tigress

★2. Margarita Mamun

Margarita Mamun is a Russian girl of Bangladeshi descent. He is a popular sports personality in Russia. This gymnastics girl has been dubbed as ‘Tiger of Bengal’. And this title was given to him by Russian coach Irina Viner. Russian media also called him by this name. The crown of her fame and success goes with the fact that she is truly the ‘Tiger of Bengal’. Artistic rhythm in the body and running at a fast pace. It’s like a butterfly fluttering across the stage.


His artistic games take his breath away in amazement for a few moments. This wonder is incredible fascination. This is the job of rhythmic gymnasts. Margarita Mamun did just that. His fame has spread all over Russia as well as in the international arena. But we have to be proud of him separately. Because the roots of this talented rhythmic gymnast are in Bangladesh. Margarita is also playing in the Olympics. He first came to the discussion in 2013. Everyone knows him as one of the most talented rhythmic gymnasts in Russia in recent times. In Russia, however, she is now known not as Margarita Mamun, but as the Bengal Tigress. He appeared on the cover of the famous Russian sports magazine Euro Sports. In the world media, she got the title of Bengal Tiger. Margarita showed, her body is not just the body; Like an incredible body of magic. He is doing this by twisting the body, and then all is well. Sometimes he turned the lace of cloth and made all the beautiful paintings bloom in the air. Success has been in the hands of Margarita since 2011. Rita won a bronze medal at the All-Around in the Montreal World Cup that year with 106.925 points. In the ball final, he won the gold medal by winning the first place with 27.025 points. He was called up to the national team after winning the Russian Championship that year.

Referee of Italian regional football

★3. Ripon Biswas

In the beginning the dream was to become a cricketer. That is the goal of hard work. But in the end, Ripon Biswas, son of Tungipara of Gopalganj, joined himself as the referee of regional football in Italy. Admitted first as a cricket student. In Bangladesh Sports Education Institute (BKSP). In 2006, at the invitation of the German embassy, ​​a young Russian woman of Bangladeshi descent from the University of Leipzig. Participated in international training with athletes from 20 countries around the world. After completing his training in February 2007, Ripon went to Italy to work on cricket. Being proficient in Italian, he passed the referee coaching test in 2009 and got a chance to play the flute. Since then, he has regularly played regional football in Italy. Get a chance to manage two matches a week. However, Ripon does not want to be satisfied as a referee in regional football. One day he dreamed of playing the flute from the regional level to the national level of Italy. And man is as big as his dream. He believes people are bigger than his dreams. Although he could not become a cricketer in 2001 due to a sudden injury on the cricket field, he did succeed.

FC Dallas in the United States in the under-15 team

★4. Bangladeshi Zidane

The crowd of Bangladeshi small stars is increasing in different fields. They are also doing well in various sports outside the country. Our Zidane Mia is one of them. Zidane was presented with the ‘Special Recognition Awards’ as a special recognition at the Asian Football Awards. He has played regularly for the FC Dallas U-15 team in the United States. Zidane was born on March 7, 2001, to a Bangladeshi family in London. He started playing at the age of seven and performed remarkably well in various stages of his career. In America, he is pursuing his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Father Sufian Mia goes to the hospital to see the newborn boy with a football. Maybe the father could not be so sure that day that the boy will decorate himself with the first gift when he grows up. Zidane started dreaming of becoming a footballer in 2008. Favourite star David Beckham started playing at his academy with his nephew Freddie.

At the English Youth Club

★5. Bangladeshi Amir

Amir Hamza was a teenager then. He has excelled in sportsmanship. He is managing goals in the English Premier League. This identity of the goalkeeper has been overshadowed by another identity of his. This British teenager of Bangladeshi descent was the first to name Bangladesh in the English Youth Club. Bangladesh cricket’s position in the world arena is very strong. This journey has already started a few years ago. But if his position in football is taken, then it is the complete opposite of cricket. Several Bangladeshi footballers have had the opportunity to play in leagues outside the country in the past, but it was stuck in neighboring countries. In Europe, the great sacrifice of club football, there was no ability to even dream of playing. And the representation of Bangladesh in terms of quality is the distant future. In such a situation, if any Bangladeshi player is able to sign up with the world famous English Premier League, it is definitely a matter of excitement. Six years ago today, a naughty teenager named Amir Hamza did the same thing.

Presenter with Messi Ronaldo

★6. Bangladeshi Reshmin

Presenter Reshmin with Messi, Ronaldo. The star-studded UEFA Footballer of the Year and the Champions League grouping draw. The program was presented by a person of Bangladeshi descent. She is a presenter and sports journalist Reshmin. All the stars of world football visited Monaco on the occasion of the event. From Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gianluigi Buffon to Zinedine Zidane, Joseph Maria Bartemeura were also present at the UEFA event.

Messi-Ronaldo-Zidane under one roof is a magnificent ceremony. Any Bangladeshi can be proud, because if you look at the UEFA program, you will see the name of Reshmin Chowdhury written in the place of the presentation. The British sports journalist is of Bangladeshi descent. Reshmin was born in London.

He was born on 16 December 1977 in a Bangladeshi family living in London. He also studied in London. After attending Odford County High School, he graduated from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom with a degree in political science and economics. Later, in 2003, Reshmin Chowdhury graduated from Harlow College with a degree in Journalism. Reshmin Chowdhury has previously worked for Reuters TV, BBC, Bloomberg, ITN and Real Madrid TV. After that he worked as a special representative of Champions League and Europa League in BT Sports.

Kick boxing champion

★7. Bangladeshi Ruksana

Ruksana Begum of Bangladeshi descent with a slender figure is now one of the most talked about female athletes in the world. This powerful female boxer was born in the Seven Kings area of ​​London. Although born in London, Ruksana’s grandfather’s home is in Balaganj, Sylhet district of Bangladesh. Ruksana is the second of three sons and two daughters of father Awlad Ali and mother Minara Begum. Ruksana graduated from the University of Westminster in 2006. Thai world champion has been crowned again. He defeated Swedish Susanna Salmizarvi. To win this competition, she has to beat the top 10 female boxers in the world. Prior to that, he was the four-year-old British kickboxing and Muay Thai champion. Ruksana last came to Bangladesh at the age of 16. Ruksana, a British of Bangladeshi descent, holds the title of British KickBoxing and Muay Thai Champion for four consecutive years. For the fifth time, Ruksana won the title of Muay Thai World Champion. Kickboxing is a sport based on strenuous physical exercise. Ruksana became the world champion five times in a row in this game. Physical fitness is a big challenge for success in boxing. As a successful boxer, Ruksana also has to exercise through strict discipline. It is important to maintain body weight. Ruksana tries to keep her body weight between 48 and 50 kg. This is not just about regular eating and drinking; Sweaty exercises are gone. Exercise two hours six days a week.

At the Canadian Football Club

★8. Bangladeshi Samit Som

Samit Som, who is of Bangladeshi descent, has signed a contract with the Canadian club Montreal Impact. Taking charge of the midfield, he has taken his name to different heights day by day in the field of football. At the age of 19 he took to the field and shook the world sports stage. The name of Bangladesh is also being pronounced along with the name of Samit Som in the draft of Major League Soccer. He has played football at various levels in Canada before. That’s when he caught the eye of football experts. He played at the Canadian school level before enrolling in the Major League. In 2014, he was called up to the Canada U-18 team.  After that, he made his name as the captain of Canada U-20 team. He snatched the victory in his debut match for Canada and garnered praise.

★9. Rakib became the first Bangladeshi in Italian cricket

The dream was to walk on the field wearing red and green national jersey. He was in the same team with Soumya Sarkar, Muminul Haque, Enamul Haque, Taizul Islam and Abul Hossain. At one time Bangladesh also played in the under-17 team. The dream of playing international cricket has come true, but not of Bangladesh; On behalf of Italy. He is Rakibul Hasan, a Bangladeshi who migrated abroad. This Bangladeshi plays cricket in Italy’s Teranga painted jersey. That is why Italian football is so popular all over the world. But not long ago there was no talk of cricket. The practice of small-scale cricket began in Italy in the early eighties. Italy is now playing in a number of events, including the ICC World Cricket League, the World Twenty20 qualifiers and the European Championships.

★10. Ridwan has made a name for himself in Australia

He was only eighteen then. It was during this time that he gained a reputation in Australian football. His full name is Ridwan Hannan. This young Bangladeshi received a higher scholarship from America. Ridwan actually got exactly what he wanted. The young defender played for Canberra Academy. Canberra Coach is a club widely known in the football world. The best footballers of the big clubs of the world came out from here. The best players are brought out through rigorous training five to six times a week at this club in Canberra and those players are also given the opportunity to participate in one or two games of the next big event. That’s why, like everyone else, his dream is to be a big club player.

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