Internet of Thinks – IOT

What is Internet of Thinks (IOT)?

The term IoT was first coined in 1999.  Research on IoT is going on in different countries of the world.  The full form of IoT Internet Of Things.  IoT is a network of physical objects.


In other words, the Internet of Things is abbreviated as IoT, which means the connection of the Internet to various things.  Computer systems are attached to these to automate various necessary devices or accessories.

How Does Internet Of Thinks (IoT) Work?

A complete IoT system works by integrating four different components.  These are the elements.

★1.  Sensor

★2.  Connection

★3. data processing

★4.  And user interface.

First, the sensor or device collects data from its environment. After which that data is sent to the cloud (Internet based process). At the same time, the sensor sends its data to Cowde via things like cellular, satellite, WiFi, Bluetooth. After going to the data code, the software does some processing in it. After which information will be sent to you.

For example

An example is the smart fridge. When IoT technology is implemented, a smart fridge will be a device that will be able to automatically detect if there is any food inside. In this case, a camera will be placed inside the fridge which will inspect the condition inside the fridge and inform the customer about the overall condition through text.

Let us clear the matter with another example,

Suppose you went for a walk in a place. On the way back, the cellphone in your pocket called your house and told you that the boss was coming home. What did the house do right then? He told all the furniture in the house that the boss was coming home.

Fans, lights, ACs were also turned on. Wondering how these things are possible? Yes, everything is possible.

The door opened as soon as he stood in front of the door. Upon entering the house, the owner of the house saw the light and felt a little cold.

Tell me why? The fans, lights, AC etc have also been turned on so I can see the light and the house is also cool.

But these are not the work of any person. This process is the Internet of Things. This is how IoT works. Which brings a new kind of change in the current technology.

Of course, IoT is not limited to making home appliances. The main goal of IoT is to create a ‘smart city’ where various sensors and modern instruments will be used to increase product quality and productivity in industries and agriculture, starting from traffic signals.

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