Biographies of three famous people

Biographies of three famous people

Today I will discuss with you three famous people who have gained fame after death.  But while they are alive, they do not get the respect they deserve.  The mistakes of the people, the society, the state have been broken by the change of time.  Today’s event is about the biographies of three such famous people.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Alfred Wegner, scientist

2.Gregor Johann Mendel, scientist

3.John Keats, English poet

★1. No one has evaluated Wegener’s discovery in his lifetime

Alfred Wegner, Scientist

Alfred Vegner is a German geologist, meteorologist and polar researcher. But he is very unfortunate that many of his researches have been recognized posthumously. He is best known for his ‘floating terrain theory’. His unique contributions include discussions on the flow of jet streams, detailed research on meteorological and climatic conditions in the polar regions, and research on the polarity of ice in the polar regions.


Alfred Wegner

His time-honored ‘floating terrain theory’ was later further consolidated and organized by ‘plate tectonic theory’. Vegner published this theory in 1912. The basic premise of this theory is, ‘Continents were once connected to each other and later they moved away from each other. But Alfred Wegener did not receive a proper assessment while alive.

★2. Scientists realized the importance of Mendel’s work after his death

Gregor Johann Mendel,


Gregor Johann Mendel, the father of genetics. What many may not know is that in addition to studying beekeeping as a child, he worked as a gardener. But he could not see the recognition of his work in his lifetime. From 1856 to 1863, Mendel tested about 29,000 peas. He discovered two important sources of heredity through endless labor and pursuit. Everyone calls this formula Mendel’s lineage.

In 1865. He presented the results of his research twice at the Natural History Society of Brunei in Moravia. Unfortunately his contemporaries failed to realize the importance of his work. After peas, he started researching bees.  He invented a hybrid breed of bee. He also described some new plant species. His name is attached to the end of the names of those species. Now everyone knows Mendel’s name. Mendel died of kidney problems.

★3. Romantic poet John Keats died of tuberculosis

John Keats, English poet

John Keats is a romantic poet of English literature. Along with Lord Byron and Percy Bishie Shelley, he was also one of the second generation of romantic poets. His creations were published just four years before his death. Sadly, in the eyes of the critics of that time, his poetry did not get a very high status. After his death his poems began to receive proper evaluation. Even in the late nineteenth century he was recognized as one of the most popular English poets.

His influence can be seen on many later poets and writers. Many poets and writers have researched his works. Now various activities are going on with his writings. According to Jorge Luis Borges, the first acquaintance with Keats’s writing was one of the most important events in his literary life. Kiss died in Rome on February 23, 1821.

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