The richest family in the world

The richest family in the world

Forbes Magazine has created an idea about the world’s richest people and their wealth. So today we will tell you about the richest families in the world. Because many people are more successful than their personal family. The combined wealth of these families is equal to the combined GDP of France, the United Kingdom and Germany, according to a statistic. Today’s discussion about the richest family in the world.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Al Saud Dynasty

2.Walton family

3.Bernard Arnault family

4.Mars family

5.Carlos Slim Helu

6.Cargill-Macmillan family

7.Koch Family

8.Lillian Bettencourt family

9.Cox family

★1.Al Saud Dynasty

Saudi Arabia

Amount of Assets: 2 trillion US Dollars 

The King Saud royal family is one of the richest families in the world today. This monarchical Saudi family has ruled for centuries. The rulers of this royal family, which has ruled Saudi Arabia since the 18th century, are known as Al Saud. The family’s current assets have a market value of 2 trillion US Dollars. Their main source of income is oil mines. Most of their income comes from selling significant amounts of oil around the world. The whole world’s dependence on Saudi oil has made them richer day by day. The Saudi royal family has investments in many world-renowned companies, including Saudi Aramco, the world’s most profitable company. The family has acquired this wealth from these institutions.

★2.Walton family


Amount of Assets: 215 Billion US Dollars 

The richest Walton family in America. Walmart was founded by American businessman Sam Walton. Their net worth is 215 billion US Dollars. The world’s largest super chain shop Walmart is the family’s biggest source of income. Six members of their family own 54 percent of the business.

The Walton family has a monopoly on the clothing business. Despite being cornered by the global economic downturn, it has shown its potential by trading 486 billion in 2015. With the rise of Walmart’s reputation, their wealth continues to grow. At present the family members are running the organization jointly.

★3.Bernard Arnault family


Amount of Assets: 162 Billion US Dollars

The range of business of Bernard Arnold and his family in France will surprise anyone. They have expanded their business empire to include at least 70 brands around the world. These brands include Dom Perigonon, Bulgaria, Louis Votten, Fendi, Sephora.


Bernard Arnault family

In addition, they have 3,700 retail stores scattered around the world. They are also admired as producers and marketers of luxury goods.  The family’s net worth is 182 billion US Dollars. They own LDMH, the world’s largest luxury goods manufacturer. The family of a millionaire is always the focus of interest of brand-lovers or fashion-conscious people.

★4.Mars family


Amount of Assets: 94 Billion US Dollars

Who doesn’t like to eat chocolate. The popularity of chocolate all over the world. And the Mars family has risen to the list of one of the richest families in the world by producing and marketing chocolate. The main source of wealth of this family is candy and chocolate.

The Mars family business was founded by Franklin Mars. The Mars family has a net worth of 94 billion US Dollars. Not only human food but also the famous pet food brand Pedigrio is owned by the Mars family. Forrest Jr., Akulin and John Mars are representing the family.

★5.Carlos Slim Helu


Amount of Assets: 56.6 Billion US Dollars


Carlos Slim from Mexico is one of the most influential businessmen in the world of restaurant, airline, bank, real estate and hotel business. They are also famous in mining business now. In addition, they are providing mobile services to 400 million people in 19 countries.

In addition to Mexico, he has become an emperor in the mobile business in several countries, including the United States. Their business has spread to Spain and neighboring countries. The oil business has dominated there. So this family is ahead with the mountain of money. Helu and his family have a combined net worth of 56.6 billion US Dollars

★6.Cargill-Macmillan family


Amount of Assets: 33.8 Billion US Dollars

The family has the most billionaires in the world. A total of 14 billionaires are from the Kargil-Macmillan family. They are one of the leaders of Kargil Inc. It was founded by William Wallace Cargill.

The company is the world’s largest food production and processing business. The family owns 90 percent of it. The main source of income for the family is the food processing business. Their total assets amount to 33.8 Billion US Dollars. The family has been involved in food processing since 1865 and has been successful in agribusiness.

★7.Koch Family


Amount of Assets: 64.4 Billion US Dollars

One of the richest Koch families was founded by Frederick Koch. The influence of this family as a leading business, entrepreneur and investor is important in the economy. In 2013 alone, the Koch family generated 115 billion US Dollars in revenue. This number theory is enough to prove their wealth and prestige.

The family has a net worth of 64.4 billion US Dollars. Oil, refinery and production are some of the sources of income of Koch family. The Charles and David Koch brothers are currently representing their family business. In addition to the Koch industry, the family has a non-profit organization called ‘Koch Family Foundation’. The US presidential election is funded by huge sums of money.

★8.Liliane Bettencourt family


Amount of Assets: 44.3 Billion US Dollars

Liliane Bettencourt was the richest woman in Europe. Lillian died in 2017. His daughter and grandson currently look after 33 percent of L’Oreal. Cosmetics brands NYX Maybelline, Lancom, Garnier are operated under their L’Oreal company.

Its royal position in the cosmetics business is bound to surprise any cosmetic trader in the world. Lillian and her family have a net worth of 44.3 Billion US Dollars. The total score of the family owned by L’Oreal is 39. They are at number 7 in the list of rich families. L’Oreal was founded in 1907 by Lillian’s father, Schweiler.

★9.Cox family


Amount of Assets: 33.6 Billion US Dollars

The Cox family in the United States, with a net worth of 33.6 Billion US Dollars, is also one of the richest families in the world. They have different media business. In a word, they are media moguls. The media is also the main source of income for the family. Among their companies are automobiles, cable TV and newspaper publishing.

Cox Media Group, owned by the Cox family, and Cox Communications are one of the largest media groups in the United States. And all the companies are managed under Cox Enterprise. Founder of James Middleton Cox. In 1898 he bought a newspaper company and changed its name to start a media business.

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