Mysterious Nefertiti

Mysterious Nefertiti

The most mysterious civilization in the world is the Egyptian civilization. And one of the historical characters of the civilization surrounded by that mystery is Nefertiti. Nefertiti is considered one of the best beauties of all time in Egypt. As well as the ‘signature’ of Egyptian civilization, pyramids and mummies are the most commonly used images or replicas of busts of this beauty. This enigmatic bust of the Pharaoh Empress is very popular and interesting all over the world. Among the pharaoh empresses of Egypt, even among the Egyptians of that time, his form was like a legend. Today’s discussion on the mysterious Nefertiti.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.The bust woman …

2.He changed the religion system

3.From many gods to one God

4.More beautiful than Cleopatra!

5.Historical pairing

6.Deleted Queen!

7.Even today the mystery surrounds the tomb

★1. The bust woman …

Nefertiti is considered one of the best beauties of all time in Egypt. As well as the pyramids and mummies as the ‘signature’ of Egyptian civilization, the most commonly used image or replica of the bust of this beauty. The enigmatic bust of this pharaoh empress is very popular and interesting all over the world.


Among the pharaoh empresses of Egypt, even among the Egyptians of that time, his form was like a legend. The history of Nefertiti has been traced from 1370 to 1330 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. And since then, his name has been removed from all Egyptian historical documents. Archaeological finds have left no trace of him, as are the relics of other pharaohs and their empresses. The name Nefertiti means beautiful coming.

Nefertiti married Pharaoh Amenhotep III in search of Akhenaten who reigned as the next Pharaoh as Amenhotep IV. He was a pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. Nefertiti ruled Egypt with him. The idea is. There was no lack of love between Nefertiti and Akhenaten, which is not usually found among Egyptian pharaohs. He is so mysterious because not much is known about Nefertiti’s life. However, it is believed that he was one of the royal dynasties. There is still considerable doubt as to exactly where he was born.

According to some, he was born in the city of Athamim. Some say he was born outside Egypt. Like most, Nefertiti was the daughter of income. Income was a high-ranking official of the Pharaoh. He was a high-ranking official of the three pharaohs and is believed to have been one of the powers in Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s kingdom. This Tutankhamen is the honest son of Nefertiti. And only his mummy or tomb was discovered intact in the history of the world. And many people died from this mummy curse which is famous in history as the curse of Tutankhamen’s mummy.

★2. He changed the religion system

Breaking the rules of many gods was not an easy task in Egypt at that time. Akhenaten continued this work in the face of opposition from powerful priests and objections from the people. But it was not possible for him alone. Wife Nefertiti always controlled everything. Again, according to some, Nefertiti was the mastermind of this huge activity. According to the new religion, the Egyptian way of life changed radically. First, Amenhotep changed his name to Akhenaten. Akhenaten means the son of Aten. Aten [the sun god] had a slightly different style of worship. This deity was worshiped in broad daylight in front of everyone outside. Earlier, the worship priests of Amun used to perform mysterious rituals inside the dark temples. Ordinary people did not have much contact with that worship. As a result of new gods and new worship, only one entity remained between the Creator and the people. He was Pharaoh Amenhotep Akhenaten himself. As a result, the importance of the priests was greatly diminished. The money that priests used to take from the people for worshiping the deity was blocked. Not only that, Akhenaten ordered the removal of all the splendor of the Karnak temple. At his command, idols of Amun and other deities began to be removed from various parts of the empire. There was only one God, Aten or the sun. And with that the anger of the priests increased. But the fate of Akhenaten was not auspicious. He could not live very long. He died before the work of the city of the sun god was finished. Then came that unforgettable change. Nefertiti became the Pharaoh of Egypt. Under the supervision of Nefertiti, the work of the city of Akhetaten of the god Aten began in earnest. Nefertiti died in the process. Akhenaten and Nefertiti had no sons, only six daughters. So after Nefertiti’s death, the priests chose Tutankhamen, the eight-year-old youngest son of another queen of Akhenaten, as Pharaoh of Egypt. By placing the boy Tutankhamen on the throne, the priests took the whole of Egypt back to its former state. Work on the town of Akhetaten ceased, and worship resumed in full force at the temple in Karnak. The sun god Aten departed and the worship of the god Amun and all the other gods began again.

★3. From many gods to one God

The pharaohs ruled Egypt as political and religious leaders. They had many gods and goddesses, meaning they believed in many gods. After Pharaoh was a powerful group of priests. Egypt was basically ruled by them. They worshiped various gods and goddesses. The temples were under their control. Only Pharaoh and his army of priests lived between the people and God.

Many of these theology changes during Nefertiti-Akhenathen. At that time various gods and goddesses and the most powerful deity Amun Roy were worshiped in Egypt. The temple of Karnak was the main shrine. Amenhotep (Akhenaten | denies Amun-rake as a deity and rejects all other deities. He introduced the idea of ​​a new creator, Aten. This was the first monotheistic thought in Egypt. Aten was originally the sun god. His wife Nefertiti also played a leading role in introducing a new religion of sun-worship, and they were the two leaders of the religion, through which the common people connected with the sun-god. There are still some Sun God shrines under the open sky in this city.

★4. More beautiful than Cleopatra!

No matter her birth or genealogy, no one disagreed that she was a legendary beauty. Nefertiti has shown exceptional skill in state governance and diplomacy as well as dancing for men. He cannot be compared to Cleopatra, because Nefertiti was a queen about one and a half thousand years earlier than Cleopatra. Yet when history brings the two together at one point, the scales towards Nefertiti become heavier again and again. Because Nefertiti lost Cleopatra in most ways because of Pharaoh, the first woman in history, the Reformation, her love for Akhenaten, and above all her charming beauty.

During his lifetime, Nefertiti was one of the regulators of the complex dice game of Egyptian politics. As the chief wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, Nefertiti led the return of the monotheistic religion from many theistic religions in Egypt. In ancient hieroglyphics she was called the heir, the sweetheart, the sweet-speaker. Nefertiti means women of two continents. She was probably called this because she was the favorite bride of the high and low Egyptians. Many believe that he ruled Egypt after Akhenaten’s death and before Tutankhamen ascended the throne. And none of this really puts Nefertiti ahead of everyone else.

★5. Historical pairing

History says that love was never the main issue among the Egyptian pharaohs. Especially up to the time before Cleopatra. The Egyptians at that time had more than one wife and numerous concubines. As a result, it was almost impossible for a woman to come out of the midst of so many people and fall in love with Pharaoh. But Nefertiti has made that impossible possible. She was the chief wife of her husband Akhenaten. And not only in name but also as the main wife, she was able to realize almost all her rights as a true wife. And so in the history of Egypt, the Akhenaten-Nefertiti couple occupies a different place as a loving couple.

★6. Deleted Queen!

Like the mysterious life of this mysterious queen Nefertiti, her death is also mysterious. Exactly when he died is not known. No one knows exactly how he died. This queen suddenly disappeared from history. No further information was found about him. He was presumed dead. With the death of Nefertiti, all his statues, pillars, palaces, all the symbols of civilization made by Nefertiti were destroyed. The priests led the destruction. Because in order to get ‘Aten’, it was obligatory to worship Pharaoh and his wife (Nefertiti). The priests could not accept this in any way. So there is no mention of Nefertiti in history from the day he died. And the priests deleted all the information about him. To the priests it was extremely insulting that a woman was their pharaoh. So they did not want to put this information in history. They changed the name of Nefertiti throughout Egypt. Nefertiti’s picture in the Egyptian alphabet is supposed to have a reflection of a woman. The priests distorted the pictures of Nefertiti – painted snakes on their heads. So it seems that this Pharaoh is a man. Despite all this, they did not stop making Nefertiti mummies for fear of the Creator. They make Nefertiti’s mummy but keep it in a place in the Valley of Kings so that it will not be seen in the future. And even if they read it, it is not possible for them to catch it. This Pharaoh is a woman. So it is written everywhere that he is a man. Yet in history, Nefertiti is recognized as the queen of beauty and mystery. Who can break his strange magic?

★7. Even today the mystery surrounds the tomb

Archaeologists have been searching for the tomb of Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt for a long time. But nothing was found. Although there have been claims of finding it at various times, most of the time this claim has been proved to be false. However, it goes without saying that the body or tomb of this powerful woman has remained a mystery till now.

Various historians are still researching this. Three mummies are found in the second Amenhotep temple, called KV35. Two of them were women and one was a young boy. Then there was a commotion all around. One of these mummies is said to be Akhenaten’s mother, Tutankhamen’s grandmother, and Amenhotep’s third wife, Rani Tiar. Another was his son. He is thought to have been the younger brother of Akhenaten. The third mummy was very amazing. One researcher, Dr. Fletcher, speculated that the mummy belonged to Queen Nefertiti. Fletcher began researching the hair of ancient Egyptian women. The ancient queens wore different wigs and crowns which presented them differently at different festivals or events at different times. Dr. made his own doctrine by researching this wig and crown. Fletcher. He noticed that wearing a special kind of crown created scars on a part of the head. Surprisingly, the unmarked mummy has such a mark on its body. Putting this argument in front of Dr. Fletcher claimed the mummy belonged to Nefertiti. And according to that, KV Thirty Five is actually the tomb of Nefertiti. However, Fletcher’s claim is considered unconstitutional. The most important thing about this mummy is that the whole mummy was wounded. Someone hit someone in the face after hitting one side of it. It was as if her breasts had been cut off and there were no bandages on the mummy’s body. According to ancient Egyptian belief, ‘If a mummy is damaged or wounded, the gods will not be able to recognize it in the next life. And he cannot say his name before the gods. As a result, he will be trapped between life and death. This means that those who have mummified this corpse have done it with great disgust. They never wanted this man to be blessed by the gods in the afterlife. And after Nefertiti’s death, his disappearance from historical documents, including the removal of his mark, is proven. As a result, the people of that time did not want Queen Nefertiti to go to heaven in her later life. He didn’t even want his mummy to be identified. With these arguments, Dr. Joan Fletcher tries to prove the wounded mummy to be the mummy of Nefertiti. In the end, however, Fletcher’s research proved to be wrong. That mummy was not Nefertiti at all. Fletcher is currently banned from research in Egypt for researching the wrong path. So who is this wounded mummy? Queen Nefertiti is thought to have assassinated Tutankhamen’s mother and her husband Akhenaten’s sister and wife, The Younger Lady, at some point in order to protect her power. Researchers have found that the woman died while she was still alive. Evidence of this can be found in the stab wounds on the left side of his chest. But long after the mummification, he was hit in the face. The chest was later severed. According to some, the murder was organized by Nefertiti or carried out by someone else. And somehow he carried the body in his own name. Because the period of death of that mummy was one of the period of disappearance of Queen Nefertiti. This idea is supported by several other Egyptologists. They mentioned the same thing in their journal. A few days ago, experts found some clues to his secret tomb inside the tomb of Emperor Tutankhamen. According to Egyptian researchers, hollows have been found inside the tomb and potential organic matter has been found there. However, after conducting many searches, the researchers were ultimately disappointed. Because no existence of Nefertiti’s mummy has been found there yet. The way Nefertiti was erased from history is as if her corpse or tomb had disappeared in the air. So far no explanation has been found for the disappearance of Nefertiti’s tomb.

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