As much superstition surrounding the epidemic

As much superstition surrounding the epidemic

Throughout history, people have been helpless in the face of the ravages of the plague. It becomes even more helpless when the epidemic is surrounded by innumerable superstitions. Just as the disease spreads from one region to another, so too do these growing superstitions spread from one country to another. It can be said that people’s superstition spreads faster than an epidemic. But the germs spread and caused epidemics; Today’s discussion is about all such superstitions.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Many superstitions spread in smallpox

2.There is no end to superstitions with Corona

3.The plague will be only on small species

4.The conspiracy started from the time of Black Death

5.Superstition and religious strife in the plague of China

6.Early neglect in the Spanish Flu

7.Leprosy patients mix poison in water

8.Thousands of superstitions granulated the Justinian plague

9.The Athenian plague forgets social norms

10.The Antonine plague gave rise to new religions

★1.Many superstitions spread in smallpox

Smallpox is one of the deadliest diseases. At one time, people would be shocked to hear the name of this disease. Hundreds of people would die from this disease. The last smallpox epidemic in the world was in India in 1974. Thousands died of the plague. It is basically a disorder caused by a virus. However, from the beginning, various superstitions about smallpox have been prevalent in the society. These prejudices spread faster than smallpox. For example, fish, meat, etc. cannot be eaten at this time. Chocolate, oats, wheat flour and coconut are also included in the list of prohibitions.


This idea is baseless. In fact, there is no obligation on the diet of a person suffering from such a disease. At this time you have to drink a lot of water. It is better not to eat salty food or solid food at this time as pox lumps appear in the palate and inside of the mouth. It is also said that the dry scabs on the stalks are the source of the disease and they have to be burnt. The fact is that skin lesions are most likely to be infected when they are raw. It is said that if you have smallpox, you cannot take a bath. This is not scientific. According to expert doctors, bathing can be done with normal water. Numerous more such superstitions spread among the people. Which people believe and become unconscious. So the disease spreads quickly from one place to another.

★2.There is no end to superstitions with Corona

When Corona arrives, the world stops. People become helpless. Never before in this helpless modern world. But our misfortune is that despite living in this technology-friendly world, people get confused because of the superstition that arose in Corona. As a result, epidemics are gaining momentum through unconscious people. For example, the belief that corona does not spread when you drink cow urine or take a bath with cow urine has been born in many people. Surprisingly people are also observing it. Meanwhile, there are superstitions about thermal scanners. It can be used to identify the corona. The World Health Organization says thermal scanners are not effective in detecting coronavirus infections. Only when there is a fever can it identify the patient.

Many again support the use of pneumonia drugs to treat corona. Even pneumonia drugs are quite effective in the treatment of corona. The World Health Organization has also opposed it. Many say the coronavirus is spreading from animals. There have also been reports of pets being killed in different parts of China. However, the World Health Organization says that although there is a possibility of spreading coronavirus from animals, it is possible to avoid coronavirus if you clean your hands well. Hand dryers are also not effective in preventing corona. It is important to wash your hands repeatedly.

★3.The plague will be only on small species

The plague of 1334 spread from China. Then, in six months, 90,000 people died of the plague in Florence, Italy. In the next few years, 5 crore people died in Asia and Europe. Scientists say the disease was caused by food and urine from rats. The plague appeared in Calcutta in the late nineteenth century. Then word spread that it was the sinners, not the gentlemen, who would die of the plague.

The plague will be only on the little ones. When the plague began to spread, the superstition spread again that death was certain within 10 hours of vaccination. It was said that it was a conspiracy of the masters. A piece of meat the size of a penny is taken from the stomach and the plague germs are poured into it so that the patient dies even if he is alive. Many such misconceptions are spreading everywhere.

★4.The conspiracy started from the time of Black Death

Administratively, isolation and quarantine were introduced in the 1300s. The terrible epidemic in the history of the world during the Black Death. There is no such thing as an epidemic like the Black Death. The disease is called Black Death because it spreads from the coastal areas of the Black Sea (Black Sea).

After 1347, when the Black Death epidemic engulfed Europe, a strange conspiracy began centering on it. The superstition of the people was also the medium behind the conspiracy. As a result, witch hunting began in Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. People’s minds are filled with the fog of superstition. They begin to think that this is the work of the devil. It begins with finding the representatives of the devil and brutally killing them.

★5.Superstition and religious strife in the plague of China

It has already been said that the plague struck China in 1334. Although it originated in China, it spread across Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, first to Sicily in Italy in 1347, and then spread throughout Europe. As a result, 150 million people were wiped off the face of the earth. Then the world’s population dropped from 450 million to 300 million.

In fear of death and terror, people get involved in various superstitions and religious quarrels. Production of goods and trade almost stopped in the labor crisis. As a result, the classification of rich and poor in the society changed. Many rich people are gone. Again many poor people start getting rich. Thus a new middle class emerged in the post-epidemic period. However, the most common is religious strife. People have to be the victims.

★6.Early neglect in the Spanish Flu

Between 1918 and 1919, influenza killed about 50 million people worldwide. This terrible epidemic was then called ‘Spanish flu’. It is also known as ‘The Influenza Pandemic’. The Greek scientist Hippocrates first recorded the symptoms of influenza 2,400 years ago. In the beginning, not everyone paid much attention to this disease spread very fast. Originating somewhere in the United States, China, France, Spain, or Austria, it spread throughout the world in just a few months.

At the same time, various kinds of superstitions are created in people. Most of the victims of the Spanish flu were young and healthy people. Many famous writers, literary figures, scientists, politicians and influential people died in Spanish Flu. Although in the beginning people were very scared and disoriented. However, within a short time of the end of the epidemic, people forgot everything and quickly returned to normal life.

★7.Leprosy patients mix poison in water

Human civilization is repeatedly hampered by epidemic attacks. It spreads various diseases at different times and makes people helpless. And helpless people try to survive holding the hand of faith. That is when superstition is created. Superstitions spread in the Middle Ages when Jews bathed in the blood of Christian children in the hope of healing.

As a result, many riots took place. In 1321, rumors spread in France that Jewish patients suffering from leprosy were deliberately mixing the virus into well water.

It is further said that under the patronage of Muslims and with the funding of Jews, the lazy patients are mixing the poison of this disease in the water. It is also propagated that the devil himself is involved in this work. When this rumor spread like wildfire, riots broke out in different places. We see in many cases the superstitions created by man throughout the ages still exist.

★8.Thousands of superstitions granulated the Justinian plague

In 541, the Justinian plague spread like wildfire. Which started from Egypt. The disease then spread widely throughout the Mediterranean region. The epidemic was named after Emperor Justinian. The disease has spread to Europe, Asia, North America and the Arab region. The main carriers of this plague were rats. The death toll was so high that there was no place to bury people in the locality.

In such a horrible situation, thousands of superstitions have taken root in people’s minds. Which affects all social spheres. Helpless people begin to believe what they say. Roads became deserted like deserts in fear of death. Many people died of starvation due to the closure of trade and commerce.

★9.The Athenian plague forgets social norms

The history of epidemics in the world is very ancient. The history of the Athenian plague comes first in terms of time. In 430 BC the epidemic originated in Ethiopia and spread to Egypt and Greece. It is estimated that one-third of Greece’s population was infected during the epidemic. The Athenian plague affected people so much that they turned away from religion or religion. People’s faith in people also rises. In order to survive, he continues to break the rules in his own way. The tradition of respect in the society was destroyed. Various anti-social activities occur among people who are afraid of death. The symptoms of this rapidly spreading disease are somewhat similar to the symptoms of Ebolavirus, with high fever and hemorrhage leading to death within a few days.

★10.The Antonine plague gave rise to new religions

The same is true of epidemics throughout history. At one point people get angry at the sinful life. Experts say that such punishment is due to that sin in human way. The shadow is then cast on someone who is responsible for the plague. Numerous innocent people have been the victims of this anger. The Antonine Plague invaded the world in 165-185 AD. Originating in China, the epidemic spread through troops in several Asian countries and throughout the Roman Empire, including Egypt, Greece, and Italy. Many say the cause was smallpox. When people are incredibly socially changed. In the aftermath of the epidemic, new superstitions and new religions began to spread very quickly. Some people capitalize on this epidemic and spread superstition among the people.

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