Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel made history by becoming the first woman chancellor of Germany’s conservative CDU party. Angela Merkel’s party, which has been in power for 16 consecutive years since 2005, lost the election that month. Earlier, he had said he would not run in the by-elections. In that situation, he has taken himself to a unique height in resolving various crises in the country and internationally. Today’s event is on the eve of the departure of this humane leader.

Today’s topic of discussion…..

1. Childhood and growing up
2. The most powerful woman in the world
3. Yes, I am a feminist …
4. Significant aspects of life
5. The way on the stage of politics
6. Successful Eurozone leadership
7. Expenditure contraction policy
8. The best personality in Time magazine
9. The end of the Angela Merkel era

★1.Childhood and growing up

Angela Merkel was born on July 17, 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany. His father’s name was Horst Kasner and his mother’s name was Harlin. The father was a priest. Merkel’s mother was a teacher of Latin and English. He was once a member of the Social Democratic Party. Merkel’s mother’s ancestors were Polish. He has a younger brother and a younger sister. Angela Merkel’s father studied theology at the University of Heidelberg. As a child, Merkel grew up in a rural area. Like most children at the time, Merkel was a member of the so-called German Free Youth Movement, led by the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.


Merkel was the organization’s cultural affairs secretary. But Merkel said: “My memory is that I was secretary of culture at the time. But did I know or did I believe that when I was 80, I would not know anything about it? ‘ Angela Merkel attended a school in the city of Templein.  He then studied physics at the University of Leipzig in 1973. While a student, Angela Merkel was involved in co-educational activities at the university. He was awarded a doctorate for his research on quantum chemistry.

★2.The most powerful woman in the world

Germany’s outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel has been named the world’s most powerful woman. She has been recognized as the most powerful woman in the world for several years. Her name has always been influential in various international media surveys as a woman politician. In 2015, according to Forbes magazine, she is the most powerful woman in the world.

As Chancellor of one of the world’s largest economically and militarily well-equipped countries, he is one of the most important figures in world politics. His far-sighted decision to turn the tide of world politics has already garnered international acclaim. This man, a powerful politician, is still accustomed to a normal life.  He still goes to the salon and cuts his hair like everyone else, he does not take any special discount. He lives in his own old flat near a museum on Museum Island in the German capital, Berlin.

Two policemen stand in front of the house just for security. Despite being the chancellor, he always goes to the general supermarket to shop.

★3.Yes, I am a feminist …

Angela Merkel attended a conference in Dosseldorf a few days ago. “Yes, I am a feminist,” she told reporters there. Earlier, Merkel faced the same question in a meeting. But there he did not answer directly. There was a lot of discussion and criticism in the German intellectual community. He is stepping down as Chancellor. “Women and men should have equal rights,” she said. There needs to be that equality in every aspect of life. From that point of view, yes, I am a feminist. ‘ Feminist writer Chimamanda Adichi attended the event. “We are all feminists,” Merkel said, quoting a book by Adichi. On hearing this, the whole audience stood up and thanked him with applause. But even a few years ago, Merkel could not easily call herself a feminist. She avoided the question of feminism at the 2017 Women’s 20 Summit. There was a lot of criticism about that.

★4.Significant aspects of life

1) In his student life he was associated with the youth organization of the Communist Party of East Germany. Since then, Merkel has been on the political stage. He later did a PhD in quantum chemistry, and his role model was scientist Mary Curie.

 2) Merkel has since gained immense respect for women around the world for her skills in handling ‘sexism’ and ‘men’s bizarre behavior’. Speaking to Russian President Putin at the G20 summit in 2017, his expression caught the eye of the world media. Merkel’s party is a group of center-right conservatives who have a long way to go with their agenda.

 3) During his tenure, new laws have been enacted to increase the coverage of maternity leave, allowances, day care centers, and make it easier for mothers to return to work after maternity leave.

 4) Same-sex marriage was recognized in Germany during the time of Merkel of the CDU.

 5) During Merkel’s tenure, more women were seen in influential positions in the German government. She has also been seen talking about women’s rights on various trips abroad. In Niger, she visited a women’s shelter, encouraging female students in South Korea to join politics.  Many are now walking in the path shown by him.

 6) In his student life he was associated with the youth organization of the Communist Party of East Germany. His mother was active in politics. So it can be said that politics was in his blood. Angela became involved in the democratic movement that gained momentum in East Germany by 1989.

★5.The way on the stage of politics

Angela Merkel’s political life is actually divided into two parts. As the leader of Europe, as well as the leader of Germany. During his student life he was associated with the youth organization of the Communist Party of East Germany. His mother was active in politics. So it can be said that politics was in his blood. Angela became involved in the democratic movement that gained momentum in East Germany by 1989. He then took over as spokesman for the East German government after the first democratic elections in East Germany, when the Berlin Wall was torn down. Two months after the unification of Germany in 1990, he joined the center-right Christian Democrat Party (CDU). The following year, she became Minister of Women and Youth Affairs in the government of Chancellor Helmut Kohl.  Mr. Mrs Merkel demanded his resignation in 1999 after Cole became embroiled in a money laundering scandal. In 2000, he was elected leader of the CPU. In 2005, she became Germany’s first female chancellor. Merkel’s biographer Jacqueline Boyen says Merkel has had to deal with many obstacles within the conservative CDU. Although divorced from East Germany, Merkel was childless at first.

★6.Successful Eurozone leadership

Angela Merkel’s steadfastness during various crises in Europe has also earned her the respect of world leaders. They have got Angela Merkel by their side in various crises of Europeans. He became the leader of the whole continent by his own skill. Extending Greece’s debt repayment time during the euro crisis, as well as handling the recession efficiently in 2008 and keeping the border open for Syrian refugees in 2015 – have all taken him to unique heights. At one time Angela Merkel was named the Queen of Europe. But the powerful German chancellor is leaving soon. He has long since announced that he is the longest-serving leader in the race for chancellor. He has attended about 100 EU summits. Angela has helped the EU overcome many crises.  Angela Merkel is the current Merkel of the European Union. Angela Merkel has her signature on immigration crisis, euro crisis, Cavid-19 etc. The only criticism he has received during his long 16-year rule is that he would wait at the last minute to make a decision. The general election in Germany is over. Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping down after nearly 16 long years in power. Until the next government is formed, he will continue to perform his duties as per the custom. Merkel has earned the respect of women around the world for her skills in handling ‘sexism’ and ‘men’s bizarre behavior’. His eye contact with Russian President Putin at the G20 summit in 2017 caught the attention of the world media. His strong position in the international arena has earned him the respect of the whole world. His efforts to manage the crisis in Europe and protect its interests have repeatedly caught the eye.

He has been able to bring German politics into the discussion of policy. Like himself, he has revolutionized German politics and world politics.

★7.Expenditure contraction policy

 Merkel is compared to Hitler because of her policy of austerity. As Europe goes through an economic crisis, Angela Merkel becomes a symbol of spending cuts. He called for massive budget cuts and tighter surveillance to address the debt crisis in southern Europe. Critics say he was initially reluctant to provide additional funding to help with the financial crisis.  But Germany later emerged as the biggest savior to overcome the eurozone financial crisis.

★8.The best personality in Time magazine

Angela Merkel was voted Time Magazine’s 2015 Personality of the Year. Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Travis Kalanik, head of the Uber taxi company. He was chosen as the top personality behind them. Since 1927, only four women, including Mrs. Merkel, have been named Best Person. Time Magazine praised Mrs. Merkel’s leadership in tackling Europe’s immigration crisis and debt problems. The editor of Time magazine said the way Mrs. Merkel has led from an ethical point of view is rare in today’s world.

★9.The Queen of Europe lost to that team

★The end of the Angela Merkel era

The center-left party to which Merkel’s party lost was the Social Democratic Party (SPD). The center-left party won the election by a narrow margin over Angela Merkel’s party in Germany. The party received 25.7 percent of the vote. On the other hand, 24.1 Angela Merkel’s Democratic Union of Germany or CDU and its allies. Despite being in third place, Greens did the best in the team vote. They received 14.8 percent of the vote, the highest ever in the party’s history. FDP got 11.5 percent votes. Now we have to form an alliance to form the government. SPD leader Olaf Schulz, however, had earlier said that his party had won a clear vote in the formation of the government. Supporters greeted Olaf Shaltz with great enthusiasm. He later said in a television interview that voters had given him the responsibility to form a “realistic government”. However, it is clear that Angela Merkel will remain in power until a coalition government is formed.

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