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Workers on coastal drilling platforms, navigators who man tugboats and other vessels, workers on fishing boats and other individualities who work offshore may encounter numerous kinds of job- related hazards. When accidents do and you suffer serious injuries, you want the assurance that the you’ve chosen a top rated accident attorney in Houston that has experience specifically in maritime law. Because this area of the law is particularly complex, consult a counsel who focuses on similar cases for advice about compensation for your injuries.

Helping Offshore Workers and Their Families Get the Compensation They Earn

Maritime law is applicable if you suffer injuries in an accident that takes place on America’s aqueducts, at ocean, or in the Gulf of Mexico. Maritime accident attorney Joe Stephens also has the know- style to advise guests who are hurt in accidents that do in foreign or transnational waters.

Houston offshore and maritime accident attorney Joe Stephens and the professionals at his Stephens Law establishment are familiar with the complications of maritime law. Our position in Houston enables us to fluently interact with the oil painting product and other companies with coastal operations that are headquartered in any of the gulf seacoast countries. Houston particular injury and unlawful death counsel Joe Stephens knows the laws that apply to accidents that take place on boats, drilling equipages, and in other coastal locales. His capability to probe accidents and make substantiation to produce a compelling case has successfully served the interests of injury victims who were hurt in the Gulf of Mexico or on other bodies of water. 

At the Stephens Law establishment, Houston accident counsel Joe Stephens brings the full extent of his knowledge and experience as a successful moderator and litigator to work for you. In cases where a maritime worker’s life has been lost through the negligence of an employer, Attorney Stephens ’ representation of dependent loved bones

Houston Offshore Accident Attorney

aims to secure the financial damages demanded to help with the costs of final medical care, burial charges, lost stipend and the lasting fiscal torture that a worker’s death causes. As an accomplished Houston particular injury and unlawful death counsel, Joe Stephens is a compassionate and exacting advocate for families that suffer the ruinous loss of a loved one. For injury victims, his proficiency and fidelity affect in agreements and awards that fete the full extent of workers ’ injuries and that insure a continuance of medical and fiscal requirements will be metLawyer

Work With a Double Board Certified Houston Injury Lawyer

Whether you ’ve been injured in a maritime accident, a construction accident, through medical malpractice or misdiagnosis, harmed by a imperfect medical product, hurt in a refinery or other oil painting and gas accident, or injured in other circumstances, the Stephens Law establishment is the proven resource you need for dependable advice. Houston accident attorney Joe Stephens is a double board certified professional with the hard- hitting credentials that big pots and insurance companies respect. Call moment and ask about a free discussion to bandy your rights.

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Houston Offshore Accident Attorney

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