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Liquid Foundation is a magical cosmetic product. Which helps to cover skin blemishes and get the desired skin tone. It is also called as a base for flawless makeup. So, how to use Liquid Foundation to get natural makeup; It is also important to know. According to experts, the right makeup and technique is the secret to perfect makeup.

Face brightness

The use of Liquid Foundation increases the brightness or radiance of the face. But if you don’t know the proper use of this foundation, you have to read in uncomfortable situations. When its shade is lighter or darker, it looks mismatched. So it is important to use the right Liquid Foundation according to the skin type. Let’s learn today about the correct method of using Liquid Foundation.

How to use Liquid Foundation

A perfect Liquid Foundation application on the skin will require a cleanser, moisturizer, primer, concealer, Liquid Foundation brush and sponge. First, wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser. Apply a skin-friendly moisturizer. Apply moisturizer with circular massage and wait for 5 minutes. Then apply a primer on the face so that all the pores and fine lines of the face are filled. Primer enhances the glow of the face, creates a smooth base for Liquid Foundation and eliminates blemishes. Then comes the phase of applying the Liquid Foundation. Take the Liquid Foundation on the fingertips and apply drops all over the face.

Liquid Foundation

Then massage the Liquid Foundation well with a wet sponge. Using a wet sponge will absorb excess Liquid Foundation after applying the necessary Liquid Foundation to the skin. After applying the Liquid Foundation, apply concealer on the dark areas of the face such as under the eyes, on the sides of the nose, on the chin, etc. When applying concealer after Liquid Foundation, use less concealer. Apply concealer lightly, don’t rub too much. Then lightly apply powder with a brush or apply a setting spray. It’s over.

Applying liquid Liquid Foundation with a brush

Liquid Liquid Foundation blending brushes are available. It should be used on the skin only after cleansing. Good to know, flat Liquid Foundation brush will apply perfect makeup easily. Blend the Liquid Foundation with a brush from the center of the face. The shade of the foundation should be as natural as possible. Otherwise the makeup will be unusual.

Liquid Foundation using a blender

Beauty Blender has taken over the world.  Using the Liquid Foundation, the blender gives the perfect makeup touch. The egg-shaped sponge is a popular alternative to the brush. Because, after using the Liquid Foundation, it is not possible to mix well with a brush. Blender required to perfect. Take some time and blend the foundation well on the face with a blender.

Applying Liquid Foundation with a sponge

Sponges are usually cut into squares and wedges. And yes, sponges must be used wet or dry. Always use an oval shaped makeup sponge to set the makeup properly. Makeup can be set well by using this shaped blender. Use the smaller end of the sponge to blend the makeup under the eyes, near the lips and on the sides of the nose.

And yes, you know what!  A makeup sponge or beauty blender that is not used properly can damage the skin. Here are the necessary tips for this…

The Liquid Foundation is pink and yellow in two tones. So before buying, understand the skin and buy. The mistake most people make when buying Liquid Foundation

What you do is, apply the Liquid Foundation on your hand and check its color. But the skin on our hands is different than the skin on our face. Since Liquid Foundation is an expensive product, don’t make a mistake while buying it, so test the shade by applying it on your jawline and not on your hands. People with oily skin should use matte Liquid Foundation. Otherwise, at the end of the day, face oil will come out and make the Liquid Foundation shiny.

Do not use Liquid Foundation directly on the skin or sponge while applying makeup. First, take a generous amount of Liquid Foundation on the palm of your hand. Then take a little bit with a sponge and apply it on the face. It will blend the Liquid Foundation and concealer well on the skin.

Note: Using dirty sponges can cause skin allergies and acne. So clean the sponge with lukewarm water after applying makeup. Clean the sponge with lukewarm water mixed with shampoo.

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