Why the web is hacked?

Hacking of websites for giving free advertisements is more common. Hackers hack a website and post pictures of themselves or their organization on the home page. Their main purpose is to spread their message.

Hacking is a very common thing in the web world. Websites can be hacked for various reasons. Large websites are hacked primarily for business purposes or to steal customer details. Sometimes small and simple web blogs are also hacked.

★Get control of the computer

Many hackers don’t just hack sites to gain control of the website. In many cases they also hack to use website servers or server computers.


Since a web server is just like a normal computer, it can perform any task. However, hackers typically use computer power to mine digital currencies. For example, for mining bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

★Free advertising

Hackers hack a website and post pictures of themselves or their group on the home page. Their main purpose is to spread their name or the name of the hacking group. They want to show that there is a hacking group with that name. The big advantage of this is to get your own or group advertisement for free.

★To use phishing pages

Maybe there is no user data on the website, but hackers can hack the site and hang fake pages. Which can be a copy version of Facebook or Google page. Most of the time the user is fooled by such pages, and thinks that the original site has entered its own username and password. And immediately the login name and password or any entered information such as credit card details go to the hacker.

★Search engine optimization

SEO means search engine optimization. This type of attack can be called an SEO attack. Hackers hack websites from search engines to rank their websites. There he created a spam page and put backlinks for his site. Usually Google or search engines give priority to those sites which have the most backlinks.

★To send spamming mail

Websites are often hacked to send spam mail. Then thousands or millions of mails are sent from the site at once, many times the site owner does not understand anything. Meanwhile, the hacker continues his work.

★To spread malware

Hackers hack websites and inject malicious code or malicious software. Then when a visitor visits that website and if there is any error in his PC, the malware enters the visitor’s computer. This time the malware gives hackers a chance to earn money in innumerable ways.

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