Sleep paralysis

Folk superstitions about ‘sleep paralysis’

Many people think that a demon named Boba sits on his chest in his sleep and presses his nose and mouth, as a result of which he stops breathing and even if he opens his eyes, the affected person cannot speak. Many also say that even if the ghost is pushed, it cannot be removed. This is what they call ‘dumb catch’. However, this is not a scientific term. The scientific term for catching a dumb is ‘sleep paralysis’. In fact, the word ‘dumb’ comes from folklore superstition.

What is ‘sleep paralysis’?

‘Sleep paralysis’ is when a person loses speech and mobility for a very short period of time and cannot move, hence it is called ‘sleep paralysis’. ‘Sleep paralysis’ is just a sensory, emotional thing. This is when the body moves from one stage of deep sleep to another.

‘Sleep paralysis’ is an individual experience. Some feel the presence of ghosts in the house, some smell bad, some see terrible animals. In short, a hallucination-like situation arises. When the brain wakes up and goes from one stage of deep sleep to another, the body actually stays asleep. As a result, the experience is different. People see strange things and feel short of breath, especially when the senses are occupied. Generally, those who have trouble sleeping are more likely to suffer from sleep paralysis.


Many believe that something very miraculous happened. In fact, it is simply a matter of physiology. Nothing else.

Why is ‘sleep paralysis’?

There are several possible causes for sleep paralysis. One of the main reasons is this….

★Being under stress and lacking adequate rest.

★The body cannot move smoothly from one stage of sleep to another, that is when people get sleep paralysis.

★Lack of sleep specificity

★Not sleeping on time

★Less sleep

★Irregular sleep

★Extreme sleepiness

★Throwing hands and feet or walking during sleep

★Having other sleep disorders such as tingling in the limb muscles.




★Bipolar disorder or similar mental problems.

Ways to get rid of sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is not a serious disease and does not require any treatment. However, if it continues to occur frequently or if sleep disturbances occur regularly or blood pressure rises abnormally due to anxiety, then some rules and regulations must be followed to get rid of this ‘sleep paralysis’.

Here are some tips to help you get rid of sleep paralysis

The most important and easy way to avoid ‘sleep paralysis’ is…

★Adhere to the specific time of sleep.

★Regular sleep at least 6-8 hours.

★When sleeping, it is better to lie on your back without lying on your back or on your back.

★Meals should be taken at least two hours before going to bed.

★Those who suffer from high levels of anxiety or depression should seek the advice of a psychiatrist.

★If any physical or mental problem arises, then the doctor’s advice should be taken and followed.

So we need to be more aware of these issues.

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