Refrigerator – The refrigerator is now the ‘beneficial friend’ of the family

Even a few decades ago, there was a Refrigerator in one of the ten houses. As the water from the Refrigerator was poured into the glass, some of the neighbors were amazed to see how the steam accumulated outside the glass. Now the scene has changed. The Refrigerator has entered the house. When the newlyweds make a shopping list to start a new home, the refrigerator is essentially on the list. Whoever can afford to buy a refrigerator.

Refrigerators make life easier. There is nothing to say about the need for a refrigerator. This is the great friend of the world. Free from the hassle of going to the market every day. Fish and meat can all be arranged. Earlier, our grandparents used to keep fish and meat with fire. Dried or stored in different ways. Now it is not possible to cause so much trouble. It is not possible to go to the market regularly. Free from that worry through the refrigerator. If you want to do various household chores, you can store the necessary things in the refrigerator and arrange them.

So the present life cannot be imagined without the refrigerator.

Sometimes when the refrigerator breaks down, I realize how much we need it. Since both husband and wife are now employed, they have to go shopping one day a week. He buys fish and meat on holidays and puts it in the refrigerator for the whole week. Vegetables and other foods. It is very difficult to go to the market every day due to daily busyness. Refrigerators are now very useful for the world.


This ‘useful friend’ is now almost at home. Even in many families of urban life multiple refrigerators are seen. Because….

★1. Deep raises only raw fish-meat etc. in the refrigerator.

★2. The food, cooked in another refrigerator, stores the kids’ school tiffins.

★3. In another refrigerator, various foods like rice powder, date molasses, corano coconut are kept for year round storage.

It can’t really be called luxury. Because, if you keep the long-term foods with the daily food, the chores of the world become random. So different refrigerators are needed so that the household chores are not random.

The refrigerator is not only necessary for the family of husband-wife, mother-father-brother-sister. Refrigerators also make life easier for bachelors.

People have to be so busy that they don’t want to worry about food every day. Although not very financially self-sufficient, he still saves money and buys refrigerators. Now you don’t have to open the door with the worry of what to eat when you return home. By shopping a little at a time, he can finish his weekly cooking and study his work in peace.

Low-income people now need refrigerators. A refrigerator in a small tin room explains how much you need that refrigerator.

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