Heart Problems That Affect Your Breathing

The heart is weak and fails to supply enough blood for physical needs. As a result, shortness of breath occurs due to reduced blood supply during physical activity.

Many people in our country are suffering from heart disease, especially the elderly. Some suffer from high blood pressure, some from diabetes, some from coronary artery block, and some from ring or bypass heart disease. Apart from these, there are many other types of heart diseases such as cardiomyopathy, heart problems, thyroid hormonal heart disease, maternal heart disease, rheumatic heart disease and post-heart attack heart disease.


No matter what type of heart disease you suffer from, the symptoms of all types of heart disease are almost the same, especially when the disease is old and complicated. With treatment, heart disease can be controlled to a certain extent. The main goal of heart disease treatment is to enable the patient to lead a normal life, relieve the patient from the symptoms of the disease, reduce the need for hospitalization of the patient and above all keep the patient away from the risk of death.

If you suffer from any kind of heart disease, it does not mean that you should stay away from social activities, rest at home and take medicine as advised by the doctor. The scientific basis is that heart patients will be able to lead a normal life, they will be able to participate in all kinds of social activities, such as looking after a job or business, they will be able to eat almost all kinds of food in moderation, but there are some things to avoid. Such as – getting excited, activities that cause excessive mental and physical stress, working continuously for a long time without taking rest, etc. Fatty foods, especially animal fats, should be avoided. However, fat-free beef and goat meat can also be eaten in a certain amount and fat-free poultry meat should be eaten. You can eat almost all kinds of fish.  One or two eggs and a kilogram of milk can be eaten in a week. Also, you should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits every day.

It is normal for almost everyone who suffers from heart disease to take medication on the advice of a physician. Many of them continue to suffer from various heart symptoms even after taking medication. In this case, it can be said that your treatment is not going at the right level, for this you need to seek the help of a doctor again. Especially if you have frequent shortness of breath, shortness of breath in walking or walking, you get severe shortness of breath when you go up stairs to two or three floors.

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