Angina in addition to heart block

A lack of blood flow to the heart for any reason is called ischemia or anemia and such an illness is called ischemic heart disease. In most cases, ischemic heart disease is caused by a blockage in the blood vessels of the heart. However, even though the blood vessels in the heart are normal, ischemic heart disease can occur for a number of reasons. In both cases, there are similar symptoms, so many doctors continue to treat patients with heart block. If the patient is an elderly person, then two types of conditions may exist in the same patient.


★Chest pain is felt during exertion and extreme pain is cured while resting.

★Most of the time the pain is severe and spreads around the chest especially in the neck, jaw, arms, upper abdomen and back.

★Many people experience chest tightness or shortness of breath along with chest pain.

★Shortness of breath and palpitations like chest pain are also cured by taking rest.

★Sometimes chest pain is not felt and only shortness of breath and palpitations or any one of the symptoms may occur.

Especially those who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time or those who are 70 years of age or older. These symptoms are generally considered as early symptoms. Day by day the patient’s condition becomes more and more complex and in this condition several more symptoms of the patient are observed. Example….. 

★Physical fitness continues to decline

★With a little effort, the initial symptoms are noticed, mild cough

★Excessive gas production in the stomach


★Feeling full


★Coughing at night and feeling short of breath

★Swelling of the hands, feet and face

★Seeing darkness in the eyes

★Feeling lightheaded or dizzy

★Reluctance to eat

★Weight loss or gain

★Frequent colds and coughs

★Swelling and pain in the upper abdomen.

Ischemic chest pain is called angina in the language of medical science. Heart block is considered to be the leading cause of angina in 60% of patients. The main cause of angina in the remaining 40% of patients is not heart block or obstruction of blood flow in blood vessels. Such patients include hypertension, aortic hemorrhage, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, diabetic cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, hyperthyroidism, hyperthermia, hypertension, hypertension, hypertension, anemia, hypertension, hypertension, hypertension, hypertension, hypertension.


However, many patients may have multiple causes. The greater the number of causes present in one’s body, the greater the severity of the disease. Heart block can often be associated with these causes, but in these cases the main cause of angina is not heart block, especially in the elderly. Such an illness may rarely require an angiogram. In most cases, important blocks are not found in the angiogram. In almost all cases ECG, color upholstery echocardiogram, chest x-ray, blood cholesterol level, blood sugar, thyroid hormone levels, thallium scanning, ETT / TMT, stress echocardiogram are required.

The treatment of these diseases depends on the diagnosis. However, it is possible to develop healthy eating habits, practice a regular level of safe physical activity, and make significant improvements through lifestyle changes. Emotional instability, extreme stress, anxiety, intoxication, fear, etc.

However, if the cause of these things is diagnosed and the right treatment is given, in almost all cases, the patient begins to recover quite quickly.

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