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In the late nineties, the band ‘Destination Child’, formed by three popular American female artists, aroused a response in the Western music scene. The band is considered to be the most commercially successful band in the world with girls. The main performer of this band is Gizal Knowles Carter, a beautiful singer Beyonce.


Born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas, USA  Beyonc started singing at an early age. Success began to take hold in his life in the early nineties. However, his life changed dramatically in 1996 with the formation of the band ‘Destination Child’. Beyonc set foot on the silver screen in the 2002 comedy film Austin Powers in Gold Members, starring Foxy Cleopatra as a detective. On the other hand, he achieved success through composing songs jointly. Some of his solo songs also gained popularity. Her unique creations are ‘Independent Women’ and ‘Survivor’, especially on women’s empowerment. Thus, for more than two decades, he developed his artistic talents in composing songs, song albums, stage shows, tour movies, music videos, live TV shows and composing songs. Floats of success and rewards float and improve financially.

According to the 2008 American Business Magazine, his income from various media outlets exceeded 80 million dollars during the 2007-08 period. In 2014, he was the highest grossing black music star in history. In 2016, the value of his assets was about 355 million dollars. Consistent success and achievement have made Beyonc generous and compassionate. Since 2002, he and two of his colleagues have been conducting humanitarian work at the Knowles-Roland Center.

In Hurricane Katrina in 2006, he assisted a variety of donor agencies in building a home for the homeless and provided about 2.5 lakh dollars in start-ups alone. Beyonce also stood by the homeless in Hurricane Ikea in 2008. He single-handedly donated about 1 lakh dollars to the Gulf Coast Relief Fund. In 2007, he built houses for 43 families. In 2016, he donated 7 million dollars for the maintenance of these houses. Beyonce spent 4 million dollars, in 2009 on an organization called Phoenix House, to help young people get back on track with drugs, and to train them to earn a living through her mother.

Beyonce initiative to help the needy in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti was to raise 1 million by selling “T-shirts”. Beyonce has always been on the side of the families of those who lost their lives while bringing overweight children back to normal life and maintaining law and order and extinguishing fires. He has served as a goodwill ambassador for a number of organizations to help the needy. Since 2013, she has been assisting various organizations in the development of women’s empowerment. His pioneering role in raising funds for various charitable works has set a unique precedent. He is found in the role of vigilant guard to protect the rights of blacks.

During the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, harmful germs spread in the water of the American city of Flint in 2016. Beyonce donated  82,000 thousands dollars for pure water. She continues to donate in conjunction with her husband J Ji. In the United States, after Hurricane Harvey in 2017, 75,000 mattresses provided beds to the needy and provided food for them.  Beyonce has set a precedent for spending the entire proceeds of albums and tours on the welfare of those affected by natural disasters.

In 2020, he provided a grant of 6 million dollars for the welfare of the mentally ill. Beyonce also played a key role in providing 14 tons of food per week, household items to 500 families and essential items to 100 elderly people during the Kavid through various organizations. At the same time, he patiently came to the side of the patients suffering from Kavid with food and medical supplies. He also helped to establish blacks with capital. His grants for more than 715 black businesses were more than 7 million dollars. He is constantly appearing in many African countries with various help and assistance.

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