Ice Upset countries

Ice-damaged countries

★1. Public life is disrupted in the United States

Extreme levels of snow and ice in the eastern United States. There is strong wind with snow. Houses and roads are covered with snow. The car is stuck somewhere. The situation in Kentucky and Nashville is also dire. Everything has become icy. Houses, roads, vehicles are covered with white snow. It has accumulated 3 to 8 inches of ice in different parts of the country. Authorities in the US states of Virginia, North and South Carolina have declared a state of emergency as the situation worsens. In the severe winter, the snow in Washington, USA has a 5 to 10 inch thick layer. The Americans are stuck on the highway mile after mile. The train from Virginia to New York got stuck. Meteorologists said more than a foot and a half of ice could cover several neighboring states, including New York.


Vehicles are stuck on the road. Many flights were canceled, including educational and office closures. Cold winds in Conakry with snow have trapped most Buffalo residents indoors. Hundreds of accidents have occurred on highways so far. New York and surrounding areas are at risk of flooding, the warning said.

2,700 flights canceled in US

More than 2,700 flights have been canceled across the United States due to the winter storm. The flights were canceled last Sunday due to fears of a winter storm hitting the country’s east coast with strong winds and snow. In a single day, the airlines canceled more than 600 flights. This includes entry, exit, and domestic flights to the United States. In addition, the statistics show that more than one and a half thousand flights have started departing later than the scheduled schedule. American Airlines tops the list of most canceled airlines. Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina is known as one of the hubs of American Airlines. About 95 per cent of the scheduled flights at the airport were canceled last Sunday. The airport authorities have asked passengers to contact the airlines before arriving at the airport. The meteorological department is expecting maximum snowfall in the Carolina region during this winter storm.

★2. Millions of people without electricity in Canada

Snowstorm hits Canada  Heavy snowfall has left millions without power. Storm warnings have been issued for most of southern Canada’s Ontario province. Seven inches of snow has been forecast for Toronto, Canada’s largest city. The warning said snow and ice could make travel dangerous. In addition, there is a possibility of power crisis and extensive damage to plants. There is no way to understand day or night by looking at the scenery outside the big cities that are crushed by snowstorms. Public life in northwestern Canada has been disrupted as temperatures have dropped. In some areas, the minimum temperature dropped to minus 50 degrees Celsius. Ordinary people have suffered in this. The country’s meteorological department fears the situation could worsen. Therefore, the authorities have advised not to go out of the house without the need. Many are living under house arrest due to strong winds.

★3. Animals are also fleeing to Russia in winter

People living in the Russian capital, Moscow, and even animals and birds have witnessed severe snowfall. Other animals, including pandas and geckos, seem to be fleeing from the cold. Most cities in the country are covered in white snow. Forests, statues, installations, most of them covered in white snow. The main roads are in disaster. There is a lot of difficulty in the movement of vehicles. Despite repeated arrangements to remove the ice, the normal course of public life is being disrupted. Residents of some areas are living under house arrest.

★4. Disaster in Pakistan due to heavy snowfall

The town of Murree, 50 km from Islamabad. This year, thousands of tourists were stranded in the snow while visiting the country’s Murree city. Get stuck under the ice with the car. The temperature there drops below 8 degrees Celsius. 4 feet of snow on the road. Twenty-two people died in that incident. Later, the army cleared the road and rescued those trapped in the vehicle. Heavy snowfall has been observed in several hill towns of Pakistan this year.

★5. Snow fell in Saudi Arabia

Snow is falling on the chest of the desert this year. Snowfall begins in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia. The mountains are covered with a white sheet of snow. The Saudis celebrated the snowfall by dancing and singing. Tourists come to Tabuk to see the snowfall. Apart from Tabuk, other parts of the country are also getting snowfall this year. Many people are sharing pictures on social media while riding camels in the snow in the desert. The mountains of Jabal al-Laj, Jabal al-Tahir, and Jabal al-Kan can be seen completely covered with snow.

★6. Snow, rain soaked Afghanistan

Heavy snowfall and strong winds closed the Salang World Road, which connects the northern provinces with the Afghan capital Kabul. Residents in 32 of the country’s 34 provinces are suffering from rain and snow. Many roads are closed. A state of emergency was declared due to floods and heavy snowfall. The government has asked the private sector for help in reopening the companies that were closed due to the snowfall.

★7. Record snowfall in Japan

Normally there is a risk of snowfall twice a year, but this year the calculation seems to have changed a lot in Japan. Japan’s northern and western regions received record snowfall in one day. Public life has been disrupted. The highway was closed due to a few feet high snow cover, the flight had to be canceled. Japan’s Niigata and Gunma prefectures received heavy snowfall for three days. As a result, about 10,000 families have been left without electricity. The country’s prime minister called an emergency meeting. Heavy snowfall is forecast for Tokyo and surrounding areas for the first time in four years. Due to the low pressure and low temperature for seven days in a row, it started getting very cold. After that the snowfall started. The country’s meteorological department says temperatures will continue to decline. Hundreds of domestic flights to Japan have been canceled due to heavy snowfall.

★8. Ice in the mountains of Morocco

The snowfall has changed the lives of the villagers on the hilltops of Morocco. Many people are letting clothes dry on the ice there. Because the sun shines in the sky. People are burning fire while baking bread. Domesticated animals and birds are in trouble in the ice kingdom. Their food is not available. Meanwhile, farmers are keeping an eye on the sky for rain as there is no water. The able-bodied are taking heat from room heaters using solar power.

★9. Snow sheet in Bhutan

Snow has also fallen in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Shops, cars, hotels are covered with snow. That scene can be seen on social media.

★10. The beauty of snowfall in India

Houses and roads are covered with heavy snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir is covered with 4 feet of snow. Snow has also fallen in Srinagar. The night temperature in Gulmarg dropped to minus 5 degrees Celsius. While visiting Shimla, tourists wake up and see snowfall. The temperature in Darjeeling is 3.4 degrees Celsius. There has also been snowfall in Sandakan. Various areas like Lachung and Lacheng in North Sikkim are covered with snow. The temperature in Churu of Rajasthan has dropped to minus 5 degrees. There has been heavy snowfall in Ladakh. The water of the river Jamuna freezes at Jamunotri Dham in Uttarakhand.

★11. Snowfall in many parts of China

Snow has fallen in many parts of southern China. Heavy snow fell in several southern provinces, including Zhejiang, Yunnan, Jiangxi and Hubei. The average snowfall in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province, is 51 centimeters or 20 inches. There has been a heavy snow storm in Inner Mongolia. Temperatures have dropped to at least 14 degrees Celsius in parts of northeastern China due to the cold snap.

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