Gained fame after death

Gained fame after death

The ongoing process of change. A lot has changed over time. He has no evaluation today, they will become Shiromani in the future. Bhuri Bhuri is such an example. If you dig into the history, you will see the wise and prudent people who did not get the respect they deserved to survive. Fame did not match. On the contrary, they have been ridiculed. Their talents have sometimes been condemned, crime in the eyes of society and the state. For the reason that they have been subjected to contempt for survival, they have been sentenced to death at the end of the trial as a felony.But in the course of time, people, society and the state have made mistakes. The depth of their talent, the truth is matched today. Now their arguments, theories, philosophies, sayings are all readable, to be followed. Their words are uttered in the mouths of people. Their theory is praised in all quarters for showing direction.

Today’s topic of discussion……..

1.Galileo died in captivity

2.Kafkar to survive 

Only contempt matched

3.Killed for practicing science


4.Van Gogh was a laughing stock to the people
5.Copernicus became a hero 500 years after his death

6.Misleading the youth

Socrates was found guilty

7.Bruno was burned to death
8.No one has evaluated Emily’s poetry in her lifetime

★1.Galileo died in captivity

Galileo Galilei, astronomer

Galileo was born in the famous seaport of Pisa, Italy. Although modern science recognized him as the best mathematician, physicist, astronomer and philosopher in history, society and the state could not accept his scientific theory to survive. The earlier scientist Ptolemy claimed that the sun revolves around the earth.


But after experimenting with his own invented telescope, Galileo said: No, the earth revolves around the sun, not the sun. Copernicus made the same claim. Galileo, like Copernicus, was infuriated by the church for giving this doctrine. This famous philosopher is facing punishment. He was placed under house arrest. He died in captivity. Stay away from evaluation, even 300 years after his death he was still a criminal in the eyes of the church. But now his worship is all over the wHypesi

★2.Kafkar to survive 

Only contempt matched

Franz Kafka, Literary

Franz Kafka, author of impeccable German novels and short stories, did not receive much evaluation while he was alive. The diversity of his literary work was not appreciated at all. On the contrary, there is a lot of criticism, half-truths and untruths about him. Although Kafka trained as a lawyer, he spent time as a writer. But his writing did not come out in public. Various adversities have defeated him.He was bedridden for a long time even with tuberculosis. Kafka asked Max Broad to burn all his writings after his death. But Max Broad did not. Readers, critics after Kafka’s death Appreciates his short story. Today his literature is evaluated. In his writings, all the strange and bizarre events take place in such a way that there is nothing unusual in them.

★3.Killed for practicing science


Hypatia, mathematician and astronomer

Hypatia was born in 360 AD in Alexandria, Egypt. According to historians, Hypatia is the last pagan scientist in history among free-spirited practitioners. But in the eyes of the church he was strongly criticized as a woman scientist and free-spirited practitioner. At an early age Hypatia read countless books by great mathematicians and philosophers, such as Plato-Socrates.

In this way, his skill in mathematics and philosophy surpassed that of many scholars of the time. He devoted his entire life to mathematics. Not married. Hypatia was a popular teacher in complex subjects of mathematics, philosophy, astronomy and mechanics. Of Alexandria Governor Orestes was also fascinated by her knowledge because she was killed by fundamentalist monks and church parabolines for being a woman scientist, a free thinker, in addition to political reasons.

★4.Van Gogh was a laughing stock to the people

Vincent van Gogh, painter

The world-shaking painter Vincent van Gogh. The world could not find any trace of his paintings to survive. What many don’t know is that Van Gogh chose a career as a painter when he was 26 years old. He chose the life of a priest early in life. He paid attention to the practice of religion. People avoided him because of his poverty and anti-social nature. At the age of only 20, he devoted himself to painting.

Although his paintings showed the golden light and bright colors of the sun, his life was quite the opposite. People used to laugh at him, he was despised as poor. That is why he ended his life by committing suicide. After his death, 900 paintings, 1,100 drawings and sketches were recovered. Beyond France, Belgium and Germany, the paintings are widely acclaimed worldwide.

★5.Copernicus became a hero 500 years after his death

Nicolaus Copernicus, astronomer

At one time it was believed that the earth was the center of the solar system. And all the planets revolve around the center of the earth. But the famous astronomer Nicholas Copernicus did not say for the first time that other planets revolving around the sun, not the earth. He wrote, ‘The Radiolucenius Orbium Coenicitium’. This proves that the doctrine of Ptolemy of one and a half thousand years is wrong. The priests became angry. Copernicus faced severe criticism and contempt from the Catholic Church. The church declared him a heretic. That is why after his death he was buried anonymously with negligence. But he is right, Galileo proves his veracity. At one time the church broke the mistake. 500 years after Copernicus’ death, the Polish Catholic Church re-buried him as a hero.

★6.Misleading the youth

Socrates was found guilty

Socrates, ancient Greek philosopher

There is no hesitation in calling Socrates the father of reason and free thought. The words of this ancient Greek philosopher have been uttered by people for centuries. Although the range of his erudition and knowledge during his lifetime is the name of the category of reverse crime in writing. Allegedly, he is ignoring the conventional gods. His speech, knowledge is corrupting the moral character of the youth, they are going astray. Although some devotees gathered, a large part of the society did not accept his argument and philosophy. That is why he has to face trial. He was defeated by 80 votes in front of 500 judges in the open field of Athens. Socrates, who was convicted, was executed by poisoning Hemlock. The world has now recognized him as a wise, just man. His philosophy is admired everywhere. The thought and reasoning of the wise Socrates is timeless, his philosophy still influencing everyone today.

★7.Bruno was burned to death

Giordano Bruno, mathematician and astronomer

Bruno was born in Italy in 1548. He was simultaneously a philosopher, a mathematician, Astronomers and astrologers. At age 24, Bruno was ordained a priest. Due to his free and inquisitive thinking and reading books confiscated by the church at that time, he was confronted with the prevailing religious beliefs and ruling groups. He spent most of his life on the run. He has more universes like this universe, the earth is round, the sun is not the center of this universe And it’s nothing more than a star – the church is outraged by this idea. As he was convicted, he was tied to a pole in front of everyone and burnt to death. But later it was proved that his theory was correct. Now he is universally admired as a mathematician and astronomer shaking history.

★8.No one has evaluated Emily’s poetry in her lifetime

Emily Dickinson, poet

American poet Emily Dickinson. Born in Massachusetts, USA. He wrote one poem after another in silence. He was not very interested in printing them. Only seven of his poems were published while he was alive. Publishers expected ‘femininity’ poetry from a woman. But the exception was Emily Dickinson. That is why all his poems remain unpublished. That number is also shocking. He also became disgusted with life. His literature did not get any evaluation in the society, it did not get recognition. Not married, his personal life was not happy. After his death, he searched for unpublished poems written by his sister Emily. But now, as an American female poet, Emily is considered one of the best in the world.

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