Persian epic poet – Hafez Shirazi

Poets want to touch the infinite. The vision of the mind is as infinite as the vision of the eyes. And in this journey of infinity, some people became great poets. One such great poet is Hafez Shirazi of Iran. Whose poetry has an incomparable treasure of knowledge. Bukhara and Samarkand, who wanted to give a sesame to Priya’s cheek, is the great poet Hafiz Siraj. Full name is Khwaja Shams Uddin Mohammad Hafez-i-Shirazi. The deep mystery of world nature and human life is revealed in every sentence of his poems. The more you read, the more your readership will merge from the depths of knowledge. The unique composition ‘Dewan-e Hafez’ is a book that has aroused worldwide response.

Poet Hafez used to write lyric poems. Some of them are sonnet-type and some are ghazals. The poems and ghazals of ‘Dewan-i Hafez’ are considered as immortal epics of love. The poet did not collect his writings during his lifetime. As popular ghazals, they could be heard in people’s mouths. His friend Gul Andam collected and compiled them. Which has shaken the thinking and creative thinking of the world through the ages. The epic poet and thinker Goethe said, ‘Suddenly I became acquainted with the heavenly fragrance of the East and the eternal life-giving breeze flowing from the Iranian desert. I recognized a miraculous person whose wonderful personality drove me crazy for him. ‘Inspired by Hafez’s love and spiritual thoughts, the great poet Goethe wrote the world-famous play FAUST. Which is called Western Diwan.


Poet Hafez has moved the poets and writers of almost all the languages ​​of the world. Our national poet Nazrul Islam and world poet Rabindranath Tagore are also in this list. In 1932, the world poet came to pay homage at Kabir’s shrine in Sirajnagar, Iran. Rabindranath Tagore wrote- ‘I know that the religious philosophy and poetry of Hafez could not have influenced my father as much as the philosophy and music of Vaishnavism. Hafez was his divine joy. He did not write poetry himself. Hafez’s poems fulfilled the desire of his creation. The Upanishads quenched his hunger and Hafez quenched his thirst. ‘Famous poets including Girish Chandra Sen, Krishnachandra Majumder, Satyendranath Dutta, Mohitlal Majumder, Jatindra Mohan Bagchi, Kantichandra Ghosh, Harendra Nath Dev have translated many Rubaiyat and Ghazals of poet Hafez.

Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam loved Hafez so much that he translated his Rubaiyat while his son Bulbul was on his death bed. He translated 73 rubai directly from Persian into Bengali. Love and affection have found a different dimension in Hafez’s poems. Many people think that this mysterious man may have fallen in love with a beautiful woman. But the identity of the woman was never known in any of his writings.

This world-renowned epic poet Hafez was born in the first half of the fourteenth century. Except for one Nishapur in Iran (the birthplace of Omar Khayyam), no other city has achieved world-wide fame like Siraj. This Shirazi is the Leela-Niketan of almost all the best poets of Iran. The great poet Hafez is buried in this city. Where the poet’s famous poem carved on stone ‘All the worlds are full of greenery is his (God’s) glory. Love is hidden in the minds of all people, it is his glory.

No biography of Hafez was written within 100 years of his death. Therefore, most of the events of his life could not come to light. The poet remains a mystery man …

★The twin brother of the great poet Goethe

The German national poet Goethe is called the great poet of the western world. The great poet Hafez is fascinated by the text and expresses solidarity with him and says- Hafez!  Lets share all joy and woe, as true twin brothers, one from two.

The gap between country and time is a lot between these two great poets. But the great poet Hafez has passed away with his pen. He has taken himself to unique heights for all time. At the age of 65, the epic poet Goethe became fascinated and fascinated by Hafez’s translation. Hafez’s Diwan greatly influenced him. In the light of which he wrote a 12-volume unique literary work West Eastern Divan (the parliament of East and West).

★Historical meeting of Timur Long

The most notable event of Timur Long’s French expedition was his meeting with Hafez, one of the greatest Persian poets. After capturing Sirajnagar, he expressed his desire to meet Hafeez. He was already fascinated by Hafez’s poetic talent and used to recite his famous Bayat. The meeting of these two is carrying special significance in the history. While staying in Sirajnagar, Taimur Long summoned the great poet Hafez to the court. The Persian poet appeared before Timur in plain clothes, portraying poverty. Taimur asked the poet in a harsh voice- ‘What did you write ??, the writing was-‘ My Shirazi. If Go / Dil then touches my hand / then a sesame bride on his forehead will go / I will rob Go Samarkand and Bukhara. ‘Hafeez replied that it was just his poem. On hearing this reply, Taimur said angrily, ‘After many years of hard struggle, I have captured many cities and towns with this sword just to make my residence and capital Samarkand and Bukhara prosperous. And do you want to give Samarkand and Bukhara for the sesame seeds of an insignificant daughter of Shirazi? ”Laughing a little, the poet said, “Jahapana, you can see, it is because of this extravagance that I have this misery today.”Taimur Long was pleased with this quick and intelligent reply and bade him farewell with a large gift of jewels. Many historians claim that it was probably because of this meeting with the great poet Hafez that the destruction did not take place in Sirajnagar like other cities.

★Hafez’s tomb of white stone

The tomb of the poet Hafez in Sirajnagar, Iran. It is also known as Hafez’s shrine. In particular, it is extremely visually pleasing. Thousands of colorful flower gardens surround the tomb of the poet. Sculpture up to the chest of poet Hafez at the beginning of the garden. Turban on the head, long bobri hair has fallen on the back of the neck with the bottom of the turban. Beard and mustache. As soon as you enter through the side of the sculpture, you see a signboard. Where it is written in Persian- ‘Khaje Shams in Aramgah. Uddin Mohammad Hafez Shirazi ‘. The natural beauty of this place fascinates everyone. All the steps and verandas of the shrine have flower trees of different colors. The stone dome is shaped like a black umbrella over eight round white stone envelopes. Exquisite Ispahani design of red-blue-green stone on the inside of the dome. Tomb of the poet paved with marble.

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