The land of ice

Life in the land of ice is very difficult

Iceland refers to the Arctic tundra in northern Alaska, Canada, and Siberia in the Northern Hemisphere. The Inuit live here. The whole area covered with ice. There is no such thing as soil. The sea is flowing under the ice. This area is covered with snow throughout the year. So the movement is very dangerous. Boats and dog carts are still one of the means of communication in this icy area. They call this car erotic. A dog car, a type of car that can be pulled over ice. In this age of engines, cars are pounding on the highway. There is no sled car, no oil, no gas. It has no engine. There is not even a wheel. Animal skins, hard bones, they make a car with these simple things. This car covers the neck of a trained dog. Like the horse-drawn carriages of our country, they rode in dog carts to the land of ice. They have this dog but he is not a dog. The dogs are quite strong. Their fur is much thicker and thicker than that of normal dogs. The Inuit keep these dogs at home for their own needs. They go hunting in the river in small boats. The name is Kayak. They use large boats, called ‘Umiyak’, to transport goods, people and other things. Umiyak is about six to 12 metres in length. The bottom of this boat is special. As a result, it can easily get very close to the river bank.


Life at the North Pole is very difficult. There is no wood because there are no plants. The small amount of wood that the Eskimos or Inuit collects is used as fuel. The wood needed to build a house is no longer available. So ice is the best material to build their house. They make a special kind of house with a piece of hard ice in severe winter. It is called ‘Igloo’. This house is made by inserting small pieces of ice in small gaps. The pieces freeze through the tiles, blocking the way for air to enter. And the window is made of a piece of clear ice. You have to crawl into the igloo. The igloo door can only be found by crossing a tunnel four or five cubits long. Igloos are usually five to six feet high. Stone lamps are always burning inside the house. The salt of the lamp is made with seaweed. And the lamp burns in seal oil. Inside the ice house, the Inuit matches some warmth and protection from predators. This house saved their lives in a terrible snowstorm. However, the house melts in the middle of the year or not. When the temperature rises a bit in summer, the ice melts and the igloo goes home to the river. Then they have no choice but to pitch their tents in the open field outside. They made this tent by covering it with animal skin on a frame made as if.

Foods are raw meat and fish

There are no trees in the land of ice, so they have to hunt for food. Marine mammals include whales, seals, penguins, birds, bird eggs, ice rabbits, polar bears, and fish. They collect marine plants, herbaceous grasses, grass roots, berry fruits from afar. Animals and fish oil are used to light the fire. Violent animals hunt with arrows and spears. They are good at hunting whales and seals. Eskimos store food to eat during the winter. Dry fish and meat in summer. At this time they live in a tent called ‘Tupik’ made of leather. Near a hole in the white ice-covered river chest. The seals breathe out of the hole, then they prey on it. This technique is also used by the white bears there. They also hunt in Olrus, Caribou. They sometimes boil the meat of these animals and sometimes eat it raw. They can store food for a long time because of the extreme cold. Terrible food crisis in the North Pole. Even though the fish under the ice satisfies the temporary hunger, their food crisis is getting worse day by day. They spend their days chewing grass food. While people all over the world are avoiding fatty foods, the Inuit people have saved their lives from fatty foods, raw meat – which is a wonder. They never eat alone. Everyone who hunts or gathers food eats. Ice melts water or seal hot blood. Nothing more to say.

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