The world Strangest laws

★1. Prohibition on having children

Parents rejoice when their children are born. But what if you can get married but not have children? According to some scientific studies, children can be disabled or physically immature if they are married in a close or blood relationship. And with that in mind, some states in the United States have laws on marriage between cousins. Even if there is freedom to get married, children cannot be taken in such marriages. This is why the next generation is not born with genetic defects and physical problems. There are such strange laws in 26 provinces of the country. This law is for the purpose of creating a healthy human generation.

★2. Girls forced to date

Japanese girls have a lot of rules about dating. In Japan, if a boy asks a girl to go on a date or offers a love, the girl cannot say ‘no’ according to the law. There is nothing to make the boys happy. If someone doesn’t want to date you, then there is no pleasure in forcibly dating. In Japan, for example, if one’s elder brother wants to honor his younger brother by marrying his girlfriend, then according to the law, the girlfriend cannot disagree. Meanwhile, in New York City, USA, there is a strange law that if a man falls in love with a woman, he will have to pay a fine of 25. Pretending to love is forbidden by law.

★3. Curse when virginity!

Virginity can never be a curse. But under Guam law no virgin girl can marry. But in almost all countries of the world, boys expect a virgin to be their life partner. Guam’s rules are reversed. There are some people out there who work professionally to remove the virginity of girls. They do this for money. The girl’s parents also spend a lot of money for this and the girls are given certificates at the end of the work. In Washington, D.C., there are laws that prohibit sexual intercourse with virgin girls. Even on the night after marriage, the husband cannot have intercourse with his virgin friend. The state of Columbia in the United States has another strange law. The presence of her mother on the night of her daughter’s death has been made compulsory by law.

★4. Time to announce marriage

Of course you can get married, but there are obligations when it comes to getting married. It is not possible to get married on the desired day while announcing the marriage. There are such laws in Monaco. According to the rules of the country, the marriage has to be declared with a total of 10 days including two Sundays. Husband and wife will be able to get married after that. If he doesn’t do that, his marriage will not be valid there.


This is the topic of marriage, now let’s talk about breaking up the marriage. Divorce rates are higher all over the world now. But only two countries. In these two countries, divorce is actually illegal. Husband and wife must live together even if they are not married. The two countries with such laws are the Vatican and the Philippines. You can’t divorce there if you want to.

★5. Strange laws for children

There are many strange laws for adults. But there are also some strange laws for children. In Arizona, USA, there is a law that children cannot go to school after eating onions. In 1880, the Onion Prohibition Act was passed. Another American law is that no one can eat garlic and go to church theaters. A law in Massachusetts says no one can eat peanuts in church. Spain, meanwhile, has a law on children, which has been enacted to make it compulsory for mothers to help their children with household chores. Laws have been enacted for children to help with household chores and to respect parents, even if it seems too much. Many may be surprised to know this information. But an important aspect of this law is that it asks the parents to help the children in the housework and also the husband is forced to help the wife in the housework.

★6. Chewing gum law

There are strange laws regarding chewing gum in Singapore. There you may be playing chewing gum. Singapore is incomparable in terms of cleanliness. And behind it are all the strict laws. If anyone throws chewing gum in Singapore, they will be fined 1,000 dollars. If someone commits the same crime for the second time, he will be fined  2,000 dollars. With the obligation to clean the public place for one day as punishment. Even then, if someone throws chewing gum for the third time, he has to clear the road where it says ‘I’m a litterer’. Even those who sell medical chewing gum in pharmacies will be jailed for two years.

★7. Commode flash

Many people think of Switzerland as a dream country. It is a country of wonderful natural environment. Many people come here as tourists every year. If you ever want to go to Switzerland, you need to know this. In Switzerland you will never be able to flash the commode after 10 pm. The Swiss government considers flashing after 10pm to be noise pollution. There are certain rules in different countries of the world to prevent noise pollution. The law in this regard is called high noise or whistling law. The city of Petroleum, Ontario, also has a law on loud noise. No noise, shouting, whistling, or even loud singing is prohibited. So if you want, you can’t organize a party. And if you have to do it, you have to do it without any kind of noise pollution.

Strange rules with commode flash. The Swiss government considers flashing after 10pm to be noise pollution.

★8. Ghost marriage tradition

The incident of marrying a dead man in love and making him a mummy arouses excitement. Strange as it may seem, there are laws in France. The law stipulates that the dead can be arranged and married, subject to the President’s permission. However, some evidence will be required to get permission from the President. Whether the dead man loved the man or woman during his lifetime or whether they were supposed to be married, this information has to be submitted to the President. Then, if the President thinks that this marriage should take place, then only the dead person can be married. Meanwhile, the practice of ‘ghost marriage’ of the deceased has been prevalent since ancient times. In many other places, unmarried dead people are married off. The tradition of ghost marriage is about 2500 years old. This strange marriage tradition is said to have started from the time of the First Dynasty of China. The practice of Chinese ghost marriage is believed to have spread during the Han Dynasty. But there are strange customs behind the practice of this ghost marriage. Which has been prevalent from various myths. Some are religious beliefs and some are social beliefs. The main purpose of these rituals is to seek the welfare of the living or dead people of one’s own group. No matter what happens, this ghost marriage ritual with dead people is common in the world. So it is not surprising that people marry ghosts after the death of someone they love. Everyone sees such an example of love as positive.

★9. Waist size in Japan

The average life expectancy of the people of Japan is higher. Behind this is health awareness. But there are several laws to increase this awareness among the people. One of them is that no one over the age of 40 can grow belly or waist. A large part of the working population of that country is elderly. In order to keep this old workforce functional, a law was passed in 2008 to fix the waist size of 40-75 year olds. According to the law, if any office or factory in Japan cannot reduce the number of overweight workers by 25%, then legal action will be taken against them. There are certain fines for this. As a result, the people of Japan can show more efficiency.

★10. Take a bath

Regular bathing falls into the category of cleanliness. Everyone should take regular bath. But the law for bathing has been made in Athens. The police there have the power to revoke the driver’s license of a vehicle if the driver drives without taking a bath. A journal published by Harvard Medical School in 2019 states that two-thirds of Americans bathe every day. Half of China’s population bathes only twice a week. Many countries have water crises. Sometimes they have made various bathing methods besides water. Astronauts have a bathing method without water. Eighty per cent of Australians take a bath every day.

★11. Wife cannot be beaten twice a month

Defeat if you forget your wife’s birthday. The small island nation of Oceania has enacted the Samoa Act. The country has given a lot of importance to his wife’s birthday. If a husband there forgets his wife’s birthday and does not greet her in time, then the wife gets the right to divorce her forgotten husband from the state. But the law does not apply to the wife. Colorado, on the other hand, has a law. It is strictly forbidden to quarrel with his wife on Sundays. If a woman is mistreated on Sunday, she will not only be divorced but will also be able to send her husband to jail. In Arakansa, twice a month, the wife is beaten. The law in Nevada is that if a wife is caught beating, she will be tied up for eight hours.

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