Economist Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Professor Yunus’s 145 prizes

Nobel Peace Prize winning economist Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus. He is the promoter of the concept of microcredit. Professor Yunus is the founder of Grameen Bank. He was the first Bangladeshi to win the Nobel Prize. He recently received the 2021 ‘Champion of Global Change’ award from the United Nations Foundation. The award was officially presented by UN Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed at the We the People event in New York on December 9. The award is given in recognition of significant personal and institutional contributions to accelerate the United Nations’ goal of building a peaceful, just and sustainable society for all. The award is given to Dr. Yunus in recognition of his leadership and innovation in establishing human dignity, equality and justice. At the awards ceremony, Amina J. Mohammed interviewed Professor Yunus, whose main theme was Professor Yunus’s “World of the Three Zeroes” and the campaign for its creation.


According to Yunus Center sources, from 1978, Dr. Yunus earned about 145 prizes. Awards include –

1978 President’s Award of Bangladesh

Awarded by Ramon Magsaysay of the Philippines in 1984

Central Bank of Bangladesh Award in 1985

Bangladesh Independence Day Award in 1987

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture in Switzerland in 1989

U.S. Humanitarian Award in 1993

Sri Lanka’s Mohammad Shahabdin Award for Science

Rear Admiral MA Khan Memorial Gold Medal Award of Bangladesh

1994 World Food Prize in the United States, Pfeiffer Peace Prize

Dr. Bangladesh.  Mohammad Ibrahim Memorial Gold Medal Award

Tun Abdul Razak Award from Malaysia

In 1995, the Max Medina Foundation Freedom Prize in Switzerland

RCMD Award of Bangladesh

1996 Simon Bolivar Prize for Venezuela and UNESCO International

Distinguished Alumni Award from Vanderbilt University, USA

1997 United States International Activist Award

Germany’s Planetary Consciousness Business Innovation Prize

Norway’s Help for Self Help Prize

Italian Man for Peace Award

U.S. State of the World Forum Award

One World Broadcasting Trust Media Award from the United Kingdom in 1998

The Princess of Austria Award for Concord in Spain

Atusi Prize in Italy in 2001

Japan’s Grand Prix of the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize

Mahatma Gandhi Award from the United States in 2002

The 2003 World Technology Network Award in the UK

Sweden’s Volvo Environment Prize

Columbia National Merit Order Award

The Medal of the Painter Oswaldo Guassamin Award from France

2004 Telesenko Award in Spain

City of Orvito Award in Italy

The Economist Innovation Award of the United States

World Affairs Council Award

Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship Award

Italian Primio Galileo 2000 – Special Prize for Peace

Japan’s Nikkei Asia Prize

Spain’s Golden Cross of the Civil Order of the Social Solidarity in 2005

The 2007 Global Treblager Award from the United States

ABICC Award for Leadership in Global Trade

Social Entrepreneur Leader Award

Spain’s Red Cross Gold Medal

Birth Centenary Plaque of Rabindranath Tagore of India

EFR Business Week Award from the Netherlands

Nicholas Chancellor’s Medal of the United States

Germany’s Vision Award

BAFI Global Achievement Award in the United States

Rubin Museum Mandala Award

India’s Morning Person of the Year Award

Philippines First AHPADA Global Award

Brazil’s Medal of Honor

Project Concern Award from the United States in 2008

New York International Women’s Health Coalition Award

Japan’s Kita Kyushu Environmental Award

United States Chancellor’s Medal

President’s Medal

Human Security Award

Austrian Annual Award for Development

U.S. Humanitarian Award

Spain’s Friend of Children Award

Germany’s AGI International Science Award

Germany’s Corinne International Book Award

Germany’s Two Wings Prize

Global Humanitarian Awards in the United States

California World Affairs Council Awards

United States Full Impact Award

2009 Portugal’s Astral Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize

Peru’s Order of the Sun in the Grade of the Grand Cross

China’s Global Award The Third China Poverty Eradication Awards

The 2011 St. Vincent de Paul Award in the United States

Elon Medal for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Canada’s Equitas Award

Jean Mayer Global Citizen Award in the United States

2012 United States Transformational Leadership Award

International Freedom Award

Salute to Greatness Award in 2013

Albert Schweizer Humanitarian Award

Scholar Global Treasure Award from the UK

Asian American / Asian Research Leadership Award

Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of the Hope Award

Westmont Leadership Award in the United States in 2014

Lotus Leadership Award

Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Global Entrepreneurship Award of Saudi Arabia

Albania Albania Excellence Award

Pakistan International Humanitarian Award in 2015

China’s Distinguished Professorship from YNU

In 2016, the United States Women Delivery Award

George Washington University Presidents Medal

India’s gold medal in 2017

2018 The Ford Family Notre Dame Award for International Development and Solidarity in the United States

KISS Humanitarian Award of India

Italy’s Nuvo Renaissance or New Renaissance Award

Switzerland’s Global Women Leadership Award in 2019

Fifth Dr. of India in 2020.  APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial Award

2015 The Peace Prize from Slovakia

Dr. Thomas Kangon Management Leadership Award of India

In 2021, Blue Jung won the German Opinion Maker Award in 2021

Olympic Laurel in Switzerland

Received a total of 145 awards, including the UN Foundation’s Champion of Global Change Award.

Professor Yunus is the only Nobel laureate in Bangladesh.  Through this, this genius has touched the milestone of a unique achievement as any Bangladeshi.

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