Mysterious – missing – celebrities

Mysterious missing celebrities

Jack Ma suddenly disappeared

No one knows where he is now. He is not even present in his own invented talent show. He was once a favorite of politicians.

Lapatta is the Chinese millionaire Jack Ma. No one knows where he is now. He is not even present in his own invented talent show. He criticized China’s financial sector regulator in October last year. Then for a few weeks he was not seen in public. Jack Ma launched a popular show called “Africa’s Business Heroes” in the style of the American TV show “The Apprentice”. There are competitions for young African entrepreneurs on business innovation. The winner received an attractive financial prize of 1.5 million US dollars. Jack Ma was not even present in the final round of the show. As a result, there are fears that he is either free or under house arrest. He never misses his show. As a member of the judging panel, he reviewed the entrepreneurs’ business ideas and announced the verdict. But this time in the final held in November, an executive of Alibaba was in the judiciary in his place.

Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the founder and chief executive of Alibaba. According to the famous British daily Financial Times, a picture of the Chinese millionaire has also been removed from the webpage of the panel of judges. Even part of the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. An Alibaba spokesman said: “Jack Ma was unable to attend the panel because she was busy at the time. However, no one thinks this statement is credible.

Barbara Newhall

Fletcher lost interest in writing due to family disputes.

Barbara Newhall Fletcher was born in 1914. He started writing poetry at the age of four. At the age of 12, when his first novel, The House Without a Window, was published, everyone knew about this child’s genius. His writing skills are appreciated by the general readers as well as the intellectuals. At the age of 14 he published a novel, The Voyage of the Norman D, which surpassed even the first book in fame. Unfortunately, Fletcher lost interest in writing after his father left the family due to a family dispute. Once he left his family and disappeared. After much searching, he was not found.

DB Cooper

The biggest myth about the infamous legend Cooper is that he disappeared. An invisible man is DB Cooper.

Cooper has become a notorious legend. The FBI still has him on the red list. But he has no hadith. To this day no one knows what his real name is. What does he look like? Although a face of him has been published, there is no 100% certainty about it. Maybe he is wandering around in some disguise.

The biggest myth about Cooper is that he disappeared. One invisible man in this D.B. Cooper. Cooper hijacked Northwest Airlines Flight 305. He asked for 200,000 US dollars and a parachute. The plane then took him to Mexico. On the way to Reno, he jumped out of the plane after a parachute in the dark of night. Since then, many intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies around the world, including the FBI, have been searching for him, but no trace of him has been found.

Anastasia Romanov

Although it is widely believed that Anastasia survived, her existence was not confirmed.  It’s still a mystery ….

It has been claimed since 1917 that the Queen of Russia was assassinated in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution. In October of that year, several women tried to withdraw money from a Swiss bank with Romanov’s identity. Anastasia Romanov is one such person who has lost and created myths among millions of people. In the meantime, there was a lot of curiosity about Anna Anderson. In the early 1990’s, Anderson tried to find a clear result by testing his DNA. But although Anastasia was rumored to be alive, her existence could not be confirmed. Such disappearances in the royal family are naturally the focus of human interest. Anastasia Romanov, born 1901, is one such myth. She was the youngest daughter of Tesser Nicholas II. But his family had to burn in the embers of revolution. Almost all the members of the broken family have been arrested.


Some believe Lagerleaf is still alive. But no matter what happens, he is still a mystery to the people of the world.

Famous Swedish director, screenwriter and producer Daniel Lind Lagerleaf has gone missing at the age of 42. Preparations were under way for the filming of Camilla Lacburg’s Fazalbacamorden Standidaren. At that moment, the Swedish director mysteriously disappeared. Lagerleaf is believed to have been caught in the rocks. There is no witness or evidence of what happened to Lagerleaf. Despite two days of searching, no trace of Lagerleaf was found. Lagerleaf was later pronounced dead. Nearly two years after his disappearance in 2013, there are still traces of places that match his description, which were later published. As a result, uncertainty about his death also increased. Some believe he is still alive. But whatever the case, he is still a mystery to the people of the world.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

The mystery of the death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is one of the unsolved mysteries of this subcontinent. Although everyone knows, he died in a plane crash. But that’s not really the case. One person said he was not killed in the plane crash. The man, who claims to be Netaji’s driver, said he dropped Netaji off the Myanmar-Thailand border four months after the plane crash, which is widely believed to have killed Netaji. This person’s name is Nizamuddin for 107 years. Not only Nizamuddin, Netaji is old. Thirteen Indian documents published also found evidence of his death in the plane crash. However, it is still a mystery as to where he spent his whole life in what identity. A man named Gumnami Baba is thought to be Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Several documents related to Netaji are yet to be released. Who knows, maybe the solution to this mystery will be found. Or it will forever remain one of the best unsolved mysteries in India.

Oscar Acosta

Oscar Acosta of Texas City is on the list of those who have disappeared. He is also an American lawyer, politician, and novelist. His other big identity is that he is an active activist in the Chikano movement. Oscar is also best known as the author of two famous novels, Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo and The Revolt of the Man. These two novels were widely acclaimed by readers. He also had a long-standing friendship with Hunter S. Thompson, a popular American writer and journalist. Not only that, Oscar was Thompson’s Samoan lawyer. In Thompson’s novel Fair and Letting in Las Vegas, published in 1971, Dr. Ganjo was the Oscar character. The pseudonym is used in the novel when Oscar refuses to reveal his real name. Oscar went missing in 1978 while traveling in Mazatlin, Mexico. He has not been found since. He is presumed dead. Again, many think he is still alive. As a result, many stories have been made about him.

Amelia Yerhart

The world’s first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a single flight. There is no shortage of success stories in his career.

Born on July 24, 1897, Amelia Yarhart was a female pilot. Until his disappearance, his career was full of various events. He brought variety to aviation in various tests of single flight. Lockheed Vega 5B was tested in its flight. He went ahead with the goal of world travel. Amelia is the first female pilot in the world to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a single flight. There is no shortage of success stories in his career. He achieved the Flying Cross, one of the best achievements of American pilots. He also had many rare flying records. His book was a bestseller in the book market. Her fame skyrocketed in 1935 when she inspired interested women to pursue a career as pilots at the University of Peru. He was the centerpiece of the media.

Ambrose Buyers

I have found a suitable environment for death. It has conquered decay, like a falling star in the sky.

Byers is a lost American magazine editor, journalist and writer. He was good at writing satirical and short stories. The book An Occurrence at the Evil Creek Bridge has made his name. His own style of writing has made him unique. His reputation as a writer is no less than that of a traveler. The events of 1913. Byers traveled to Mexico. Then the gunpowder of the Mexican revolution spread across the country. The irony in his writings on the aftermath of the Civil War. He was 71 years old then. He sent a letter to his cousin Laura. There he wrote, ‘Goodbye. If you know I was shot in the back on the Mexican rocky ground, know that I have found a suitable environment for death. It has conquered decay, disorder as the stars in the sky fall.

Jimmy Hofa

He mysteriously disappeared at the age of 62. Jimmy Hofa was involved in organized crime until his disappearance.

Jimmy Hofa was the leader and writer of the legendary workers’ union. He was born on February 14, 1913 in Indiana, USA. He was an important public figure and activist for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). He was actively involved in the development of trade unions. He is a supporter of civil rights and it was published in various statements. At the age of 62, he mysteriously disappeared in late July 1975. Jimmy Hofa was involved in organized crime until his disappearance. In two separate trials, Hofa was convicted by a jury of tampering, fraud and attempted bribery. He was imprisoned in 1967 and sentenced to 13 years in prison. In 1971, he resigned as president of the union. He mysteriously disappeared in 1975. According to one theory, Hofa was killed.

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