Factory of rumors

Factory of rumors

Hitler used rumors as a political tool. There is a risk of violence spreading due to rumors. Nowadays, many people share misinformation, a mixture of truth and falsehood, incomplete and fabricated news. Rumors are now spreading through social media like online blogs, Facebook, Twitter. Some well-known online portals also serve fake news. Any news, information should be verified before serving and sharing. There have been rumors of protests and clashes at home and abroad at various times.

Today’s topic of discussion……

1.Najehal world on the fake news of his death

2.There is no end to the rumors about Corona

3.Discussions all over the world

4.The king is ill and is fighting

5.The rumor was ‘the world will be destroyed!’

6.Description of life on the moon!

7.Rumors of World War II!

8.The case of money thief and train passenger

9.The rumor is shared by millions of people

10.Fire at the Eiffel Tower

11.Rumors of beheadings in Indonesia

12.News of his death online but he is swearing on the field

13.”It’s too late to wake up,” he joked

★1. Najehal world on the fake news of his death

British actor Rowan Atkinson has gained worldwide fame for his role as Mr. Bean. His skyrocketing popularity. That is why people are interested in any news surrounding him. The fake news of Mr. Bean’s death has gone viral every time it has been spread online and on social media. At the moment, millions of his followers share such fake news without verification. Various social media including the main online media have to struggle to handle the fake news like the news of his death.


Rumors of his death have spread several times. After reading the fake news of his death in 2016, the world’s top media could not cope with the pressure of the readers. At the same time, millions of fans started searching for the news on Google search engine, and before it was verified, many media outlets published fake news. Rumors of his death went viral in 2018 as well. The rumor spread like wildfire. However, the next day it was known that the news of death was wrong. News of the death of someone or someone who has deliberately spread in the net world. Rumor has it that Rowan Atkinson died in a car accident, according to a report in the international media Mirror. Social media fake news is served under the name of a fake news agency called ‘Fox Breaking News’. Many people started posting condolence messages after hearing the news of the death of their favorite comedian Rowan. Many people go to the forest to click on this link. They did not find any such news.

★2. There is no end to the rumors about Corona

Fake Management Certificates in the Name of the World’s Best Physicians: Fake Certificates are available online using the names and surnames of the top physicians in several countries including Bangladesh, India, China, United States and United Kingdom. Many have promoted these as coronary patient prescriptions. Doctors do not provide any such open medical prescriptions. Panicked by the horrors of the corona, the international media has spread the news that many people are buying medicines according to these fake prescriptions. In fact, the treatment of a KVID 19 patient (mild, moderate and severe) is determined by understanding the patient’s condition and by the physicians concerned by guidelines and personal skills.

Corona treatment with cow dung is not effective: Many people in the western Indian state of Gujarat are attending various cow ashrams once a week in the belief that it will boost their immunity or help them recover from the coronavirus. However, specialist doctors have warned about that. President of the Indian Medical Association. JA Jayalal said, “There is no strong scientific evidence that cow dung is effective in counteracting the effects of coronavirus.” It is based entirely on faith. There are a number of health risks, including the spread of other diseases from animals to humans.

Alcohol is not effective in curing online Kavid-19: According to a BBC report, hundreds of people have died in Iran due to alcohol poisoning after rumors spread online that Kavid-19 is effective in curing alcohol. At the end of April, an Iranian official said that the number of deaths due to alcohol in the treatment of coronavirus was 796. He further said that the reason for this is the fake news spread through social media.

Corona does not spread from mosquitoes: Doctors say there is no possibility of spreading corona mosquito bites like dengue. The World Health Organization is saying the same thing. Research on this was going on in various universities of the world. Researchers at Kansas State University in the U.S. state of Kansas say they are gathering information to prove scientifically what the World Health Organization claims. Studies have shown that the moment a mosquito absorbs blood from the body of a person infected with corona, the virus is destroyed. As a result, it is not possible to spread coronavirus through mosquitoes.

Pfizer vaccine is halal: There have been many misinformation and rumors about corona vaccine, infertility and use of animal fat. But all such information is wrong. The Pfizer-Bioentech coronavirus vaccine, which has been introduced in Britain, has been declared halal, according to the country’s top medical association and a group of Islamic experts. The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) said in a statement that it had verified all published information and confirmed that no animal products or animal cells had been used in the production of the vaccine.

★3. Discussions all over the world

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un  He was absent from public for three weeks last year. And it was rumored that he might have died. At that time various media could not confirm his position and physical condition. The reason given by some is that he may have become seriously ill or died due to complications of heart operation. However, no one has confirmed the source of the news. Rumors of Kim Jong Un circulating online spread around the world.

★4. The king is ill and is fighting

In the middle of the seventeenth century, false news was published about the King of Great Britain. A newspaper reported that King George II was ill. Other newspapers publish the same news without checking the news. News of the impending death of the king caused unrest and excitement throughout the country. The then-Attorney General Dudley Ryder was compelled to issue a statement requesting that the news be falsified and that rumors not spread.

★5. The rumor was ‘the world will be destroyed!’

The events of 2016. The world is being destroyed, the world is being destroyed. Planet X and Planet Nine are running towards the earth. According to the news, the Earth is going to collide with these two planets. If the planets collide, the earth will surely be destroyed. All the people and animals of the world will die. Where did you get the news? It is said that NASA has issued a warning. After five years, the people of the world must know that the whole story is wrong and false. Nothing much happened in 2016. However, people from different parts of the world have lost their way due to the pressure of rumors. At that time various news about this could be found on mobile messages, online, social media. Everyone fears that the world is being destroyed. Some unofficial media, online magazines, magazines or YouTube videos often publish such fake news quoting NASA. None of which is acceptable. Some people share the news out of curiosity and ignorance.

★6. Description of life on the moon!

August 21, 1835. The New York Sun begins a series of articles. There is a claim that there is life on the moon. An incorrect information was added while writing this feature. According to the famous astronaut Sir John Herschel, the existence of life on the moon has been discovered. Descriptions of how the astronaut found life on the moon are also printed. Was accompanied by painting. 9 species of mammals are mentioned. There were descriptions of other animals including elk, chitra deer, horned bear. In addition, animals that can walk on two legs that look like humans, their details are printed in the feature. After such a detailed description, the rumor of ‘Fake Moon Hawks’ or the existence of life on the moon immediately spread in the country. As the rumors spread like wildfire around the world, the newspaper issued a statement in the next issue acknowledging the news as false and rumored.

★7. Rumors of World War II!

In 1917, rumors were circulating in the Daily Mail and the Times that they had visited a “Kadaver” in Germany. It is a factory where the bodies of slain soldiers are melted down and a kind of food like soap and butter is prepared. By spreading such rumors, the crisis between the countries has been exacerbated. Many such rumors were spread in different parts of the world during the First World War. Although the source of these rumors is not known, violence and anger continue to grow. The number of such rumors behind the outbreak of World War II is not small.

★8. The case of money thief and train passenger

After the abduction of a train in France, rumors of money laundering spread and fights broke out. Madame Marquette was leaving Monte Carlo in December 1890. The woman was the wife of an Algerian drug dealer. Suddenly on the train he complains that someone has abducted him, knocked him unconscious with chloroform. Then he stole 7,000 francs from her and fled. When such news spread, a commotion started across the train. Meanwhile, an Italian gentleman suddenly attacked a passenger with a knife and threatened to kill him. He kept shouting, ‘If you don’t pay me, I’ll throw the body away right now!’ The man jumped out of the moving train with the money. Immediately the train was stopped by pulling the chain. As a result, the railway people were able to stop him later. It was thought that the man had stolen Madame Marquette’s money. A full investigation is underway into the incident. Rumors of money theft take a long time to prove. It was later learned that Madame Marquette had gone to Monte Carlo to borrow money. He also received the money. But he lost money on gambling and alcohol. She spread rumors of stealing money on the train to hide the matter from her husband.

★9. The rumor is shared by millions of people

In 2016, a terrible rumor spread online, citing Saudi Arabian scientists. Rumor has it that Saudi scientists have recognized women as mammals. Millions of online users share and spread such derogatory news without verifying any source. About 3 lakh online users immediately shared this fake news, commented. The news was also seen in some fake media. The news that the news shared millions of times on Facebook is completely false is known that day. But before that, there was widespread outrage over the Saudi regime. The fake news was spread on the eve of International Women’s Day that year.

★10. Fire at the Eiffel Tower

Rumors spread in 2016 that the militant group IS had set fire to the Eiffel Tower in France. The news spread so fast that the residents of France themselves became concerned and started sharing the news. A picture is given along with this news. So that the flames of the fire can be seen near the Eiffel Tower. The reality is that the Eiffel Tower caught fire from the accident. Which is quickly extinguished. But before that, the fake news was spread by covering such fake pictures.

★11. Rumors of beheadings in Indonesia

There are rumors in the country about the collection of ‘human heads’ in infrastructure development projects. The story of this rumor is the same everywhere. One such rumor was heard in Indonesia in 1937. According to the news source, some local people, some of the project staff – some of them are lying. Rumor has it that the success and speed of some of Indonesia’s infrastructure development plans requires a severed human head. For this, a secret group of the government is collecting the severed heads of the people. There is a ghostly gossip behind why a beheaded head was needed. Rumor has it that while working on the development project, the workers noticed the presence of the unseen. Strange sounds and calls are found. Rumors of such mysterious and ghostly experiences are spread while moving, welding, and casting iron and wood. Such rumors were also spread in the country in two development projects of 1979 and 1981.

★12. News of his death online but he is swearing on the field

Rumors of the death of Caribbean star Pollard spread in late January this year. West Indies cricketer Kieron Pollard. He was playing cricket on the field when rumors of his death spread online. Suddenly, some YouTubers started claiming that Pollard had died in a horrific car accident. The news spread around immediately. But Pollard’s Deccan Gladiators were playing against Pune Devils in the T-10 League in Abu Dhabi. Pollard led the team. A total of four videos of Pollard’s death have been viewed on YouTube. A few videos are also available on Facebook. Rumors of the death of the batsman also spread on Twitter. Fake news of his death was also spread in some fake media. When such news and videos are shared millions of times on social media, it goes viral.

★13. “It’s too late to wake up,” he joked

The Corona situation in India has taken a terrible turn. Many stars have died due to corona. In the midst of such a situation, rumors of the death of famous actor Paresh Rawal were recently spread on the online platform. Rumors that he died in a hurry spread through social media. But the 65-year-old actor said he was perfectly healthy. And he answered the rumors with a lot of jokes. Sharing a screenshot on Friday (May 14) morning, Paresh Rawal jokingly wrote on Facebook, “I was still asleep after 8 o’clock, sorry for the misunderstanding.” Popular actor and MP Paresh Rawal has acted in about 150 movies in his long career. He is a popular comedy character. Recently, rumors of the death of ‘Shaktiman’ actor Mukesh Khanna were circulating.

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